Shopping list - add possibility to reorder items

While HA Shopping list is a great, simple but functional feature I’m missing one important function in it: ability to reorder items. A good example of how this can be done is Google Keep.
I used to use Google Keep prior Shopping list, but sharing items was problematic. In HA Shopping list this is easy as eveyone see the same list instantly, but sometimes it would be handy to reorder the items.
A great example is: when you think of items to buy in a supermarket - you don’t want to walk around back and forth, it’d be easier to reorder items by areas (veggies/fruits, bakery, chamicals etc). This isn’t currently possible.

How HA would know which category the item is?
Maybe with some new feature called tags? And then reorder by tags

To make things easier - no categorization is necessary here. Just ability to drag and drop items up and down. The user will know best his own categories in his mind. This feature would also be nice if you have no categories on your mind and just want to change the order on the list for any reason. This isn’t now possible.

I already use an identifier before the item on my list to keep things in my own categories (ie. "T - " for ToDo, "S - " for Shopping, etc.). I would love to be able to reorder the items to combat my OCD.

Would be great! Missing this at the moment…

Yes please! And the ability to quick search for items so that you can find the things you’ve completed in the past and readd them and they should go back to where they were in the list before.

Only other request is for it to learn over time so that it puts them in the right order as you check them off going forward.