Show graph in Home Assistant

Hi all,

I am currently building a small dashboard for financial data with the Python library. Would it be possible somehow to show a chart in a box in Home Assistant? Data for this is saved in a sqlite library.

Would be happy for pointers :slight_smile:


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Given it’s about 1 year later - did you get anywhere with this?
I think you could set up dash by plotly and show this as an iframe in home assistant - I can’t think of a way to get this into a lovelace style card. I’m keen to do something similar (different application but same idea) so would like to hear if you had any success or ideas

Just in case anyone ever reads this - I have been messing around this evening. Have dash running (currently on my laptop as I’m just trying things out) and then placed this in an iframe card. You could also use an iframe panel. The interactive range slider is working as you would expect.

Just thought I’d share my progress :slight_smile: keen to hear other ideas

Hi. Nice work. I’d like to use a plotly windrose plot on a lovelace card, in an iframe similar to yours above. Is your code / work in Gitlab or somehwere where I can see it? Thanks very much!

You’ll then like this custom card: New interactive Graph Card based on PlotlyJS