Show sensor attributes in Lovelace as with custom-ui-state-card?

I am in the process of migrating to the Lovelace UI, but one of the things I would like to achieve is the view I had in the old UI:


When I use the same sensors in Lovelace they look like this:

How do I get the attribute to show up?

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I’m using the secondary_info option for this kind of thing, might work for you as well:

  - title: Charts
    icon: mdi:chart-line
    id: stats
      - type: entities
        title: Pump Plug Info (always on)
          - entity: sensor.tp_link1_volts
            secondary_info: last-changed
          - entity: sensor.tp_link1_amps
            secondary_info: last-changed
          - entity: sensor.tp_link1_cwatts
            secondary_info: last-changed
          - entity: sensor.tp_link1_dwatts
            secondary_info: last-changed
          - entity: sensor.tp_link1_twatts
            secondary_info: last-changed


But there’s also a custom entity-attributes-card:


Unfortunately not. I get mapping values are not allowed in this context

I can add that these are the available attributes for the three entities above:

{'code_format': '^\\d{4,6}$', 'changed_by': 'tomas', 'friendly_name': 'Hemlarm', 'custom_ui_state_card': 'state-card-custom-ui', 'extra_data_template': 'Senast ändrad av ${attributes.changed_by}'}
{'node_id': 19, 'value_index': 0, 'value_instance': 1, 'value_id': '72057594361675776', 'friendly_name': 'Entrédörr', 'device_class': 'door', 'custom_ui_state_card': 'state-card-custom-ui', 'show_last_changed': True}
{'friendly_name': 'Garageport', 'device_class': 'door', 'custom_ui_state_card': 'state-card-custom-ui', 'show_last_changed': True}

Can you post the config you’re trying to use, please.

Make sure you have two lines for each sensor, one starting with entity and the other with secondary_info

Ah, I see my mistake now. I’ll try again.

Sorry for not reading, it works now!

Hm, it seems as if only ‘last-changed’ works. Trying the other attributes e.g. ‘changed_by/changed-by’ or ‘friendly_name’ shows nothing.

I never tried anything else than last-changed - which doesn’t show up as an attribute for any of my sensors BTW.

Ok thanks, I’ll settle for this now.

Does anyone know if @andrey has developed something like this for Lovelace similar to the one for Non-Lovelace HA?

Or is there some way to make that one work in Lovelace?

This can now be accomplished with the use of a custom Lovelace plugin. See the following post:

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Is there a way of using official cards?

Is this supported or on the roadmap?

For example, Seventeentrack sensors have a bunch of useful information as secondary info. It seems ideal to have this supported natively.

no and no. i got it from the man himself in a feature request. It’s not going to happen.