Custom Secondary Info for Entities Card

I have created a custom row for the Entities card, which allows you to display an attribute value in the ‘secondary info’ section of an entity row. This extends the existing functionality that is currently limited to entity-id and last-changed values.

The code can be found at, and more usage details can be found in the .js file.

This is an initial release, but is working well for me so far. Now I’d like to get feedback from others. If it would be useful to you, please give it a try and let me know what you think!


THis sounds cool. But is the attribute limited to the same entity, or could it be collected from an entirely different entity?

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Thanks for putting this together!

I’m experiencing a “flicker” of the entity every 15-30s when applying this. Any idea of what may be causing that?

This is great!

I can confirm the “flicker” as mentioned above, with the following config it appears constant.

- type: entities
    - entity: sensor.google_maps_amf
      type: custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row
      secondary_info: attribute:distance

For the moment, the attribute is coming from the same entity, but it would be trivial to change it - just need to decide on a config syntax for seeing that up.


Interesting that there is still a flicker…it’s something that I experienced in an earlier version when the entity was updated. I tried to prevent it by pre-rendering changes in a hidden div.

@jmart518 - What type of entity are you seeing the flicker on?

@gerard33 - When you say ‘it appears constant’ - do you mean it is constantly flickering? If so, how frequently?

Seeing it on a fan entity (GE fan switch)

- type: 'custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row'
  entity: fan.master_bedroom_fan_level
  secondary_info: attribute:speed

Haven’t added it to anything else yet

It flickers every second. The secondary info shows and the disappears then shows again and so on.

And when I go to another menu item (tab) in HA and switch back again to the tab with this card, it doesn’t show the secondary info anymore. I have to refresh Lovelace before it shows again.

I can’t seem to reproduce the flickering issue on my system. Could we try to align on a test case?

Assuming you guys have the sun sensor enabled, could you try setting up the following?

- entity: sun.sun
  name: Sun (Custom)
  type: "custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row"
  secondary_info: attribute:next_dawn

My tests have been run on both Chrome & Safari (MacOS). If you have access to the same, that’s ideal , but if not, maybe try testing w/ any version of Chrome? Thanks.

I got flickering too (chrome, windows). It’s hard to record but it look like this:


Although my mouse crosses the screen at that moment, it doesn’t seem to be related.

Same thing as @gerard33, the info disappear when switching tab, need to refresh to see it again.

Nice job otherwise man, it’s a feature that’s really handy ! (I just have to find a way to format the date)

Getting the same behavior with the test case code.

I’m currently seeing this happen on Chrome 71.0.3578.80 (MacOS) as well as Chrome Dev on Android

Thank you for the animated gif…looking at the individual frames, I can see that you are having the same issue I originally had. The flicker is the result of an update - during the update process, it starts by rendering the ‘standard’ entity row, which does not have the secondary info (it is empty). Then shortly after, the updated secondary info is populating. This changes the alignment, pushing the entity name from center to top, then adds the second line. This alignment change and populating of the secondary info is what you are seeing as ‘flicker’. If you look carefully at the animation, you can see what I am describing.

As I mentioned earlier, I thought I had fixed that problem by pre-rendering the update in a hidden div. But clearly that isn’t working for you guys. I’ll try to test in Windows, which seems to be the primary testing difference identified so far.

I just checked in a fix for the secondary info text disappearing after navigating to other views. It’s possible that this could also solve the flicker (which I still can’t recreate). Please test and let me know.

I have updated to the new version and it still flickers.
Using the new version (updated version in resources and cleared cache), using the sun.sun code from your example, Chrome on Windows 10.

The issue were the text disappears after switching to another tab is solved :smiley:

Good to hear that one problem is solved :slight_smile:

The other…I’ve now tried testing in Chrome on Windows 10. Still not seeing the flicker.

My Chrome version is the latest: Version 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Maybe we need to compare HA versions? I just realized I was a release behind on my dev system. Now I am on 0.83.3 (latest), and it continues to work fine for me.

I should also put out the question - is there anyone out there who is not seeing flicker (like me)?

Great custom card.
I’m getting the flicker on chrome as described.

Few suggestions:
Add support for custom updater to make it easier to update to latest versions.
Add field for leading text plus post text for units.

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I’m trying this out and also getting the same flickering problem as the others with Chrome and Safari (Mac).

Hoping this can be fixed as I was missing this from the old Custom UI :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any news on the flickering issue?
I am on 0.83.3 and the issue has not disappeared :frowning:

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Unfortunately, no. I still can’t recreate the flicker on any of my devices, and I don’t have the time to chase a ghost right now. If anyone with the problem is able to troubleshoot (or send me a PR), I’d be happy to take a look at it.


I’m using version 0.84.6 … its not working anymore :frowning_face:
Have you the same probs?