Shutter Card

I have same problem via Tuya app. I how and where do I place the boolean to true?

Still love this card - I think it’s my favourite thing in Lovelace, with the movement tracked from Tasmota position updates it’s fantastic.

Does anyone use something similar for an Awning/Roll-out shade? Happy to try and create one, but it’s effectively just a different graphic of the above.

Not sure if it will do what you need, but I’ve just added this new card for my awnings (the triangle option for me is perfect). You can do a horizontal slide, but not sure about two for curtains.

That looks perfect, thanks. Looks great for other apps too!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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What a great card for shutters(blinds) very nice!
I have tried getting 9 blinds to fit in row of 3x3 in a card but I just can’t get it to work. Any ideas or help would be great!
attaching example of 3 in a row compared to 2 in a row

Two bugs with this card ((((

Kind of cool when modding the card :slight_smile:

Thanks @Deejayfool for a great card, I hope you will maintain it further on!


Thanks for your great work! I really enjoy this card! I was however wondering if it would be easy to add an option to have a like a “horizontal guide line” for where I would usually want to place them. For example I have several windows that have plants or other things in them, then normally I just want to set it to 30%. My automations handle this but if I want to handle them manually I use it using this card. This guide line would be nice because then I know how much I can open them. :slight_smile:

@TheStigh How did you add photo background to the card?

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Hi Joakim,

I converted the image back from Base64 to .PNG, then added the “background” image to the original PNG and converted back to Base64 and replaced the string in the .js file. Did it make sense?

I have also same issues with Tuya App . Any one help me to fix .
I found some more peoples have this Problem …

I look for the possibility to swap the buttons in this card. :thinking:

I’m controlling KNX connected shutters and vertical curtains. The shutter card doesn’t respond to ‘invert position = true’!! the animation shows closed while the actual cover is open!!

Any one with a solution for this problem?

From KNX Cover

Unlike most KNX devices, Home Assistant defines 0% as closed and 100% as fully open in regards to covers. The corresponding value inversion is done internally by the KNX integration.

You might not be needing invert_position: True at all. It only inverts KNX payloads, it can’t invert a frontend cards logic.

When omitted or false, the animation is correct, but the % is inverted.

What does inverted % mean for you?

KNX: 100% = Closed // 0% = Open
HA: 100% = Open // 0% = Closed

I would love to have HA reflect the same as KNX (KNX is the base system)

This is exactly what I quoted earlier. It’s not possible to change that. It’s a definition HA made for their system / software. See WHY THE HECK can't we freely configure a Cover to interpret its percentage value as "percentage open" or "percentage closed"?

I saw and read this and other. thought to add to it maybe they’ll change it or introduce a solution.
thanks for passing. :slightly_smiling_face:

in the meantime I’m waiting for advice on other post I made that are still pending.

You could always make a workaround. Create an input_number with value 0-100. Then you use the input_number in the shutter_card. When you change your input_number you calculate 100-(input_number value) and change your KNX cover to that value.