Shutter control

Was switching from Iobroker to home-assistant recently, which was a great move.

BUT … I’m a bit disappointed, that there is no onboard-configuration for the shutters /blinds / covers. Instead you need to look for workarounds, where i was not able yet to gain progress.

There is an addon for Iobroker, that perfectly guides the user to configure for each shutter the following, some examples:

  • opening at sunrise but not before 7.00 am
  • sun-protection acc to sun-coordinates (azimuth) and variable conditions (eg. Lux, Temperatur in / outside, window-sensor …)
  • closing with sunset
  • special programming for christmas-time with shifted closing time
  • etc

A good orientation on the capability gives the documentation:

Totally respect, that HA might have different focusses, but shutter-automation, I thought, might be some core-functionality in these days for the most houses. Wonder how others deal with this topic.

Hope, this could also be in the interest of others and at one day that we are able to have some standardized automation tool in HA as well.

Best regards

Hi, i’m also new to HA and user of shuttercontrol:)
Did you find a solution already?
i was thinking to use this blueprint: Extensive roller shutter control including shading (brightness, sun position, temperature, forecast) - #90 by gyle