SimpliSafe integration regularly requires reconfiguration

I’ve been using SimpliSafe with Home Assistant since the beginning of the year. For the past month or so, it has regularly required me to reconfigure the integration.

Is this a know issue, or is there anyway to avoid this? I’m running HA in a docker container on a headless Linux server.

Same here.

I have to regularly re-enter my password and when I do, it removes the PIN I added for home assistant to arm/disarm. It’s not just you.

It’s very frustrating.

Not to jump on the conspiracy train, but when I first purchased SimpliSafe several years ago, they said that HomeKit integration was coming soon. Never happened. They said an outdoor camera was in the works. Never happened. Their app still does not function in landscape mode so you can’t use a tablet as a keypad which forces you to buy theirs…

Honestly, the only reason to pay them is how they limit functionality unless you subscribe for monitoring, and Home Assistant fixes every one of those limitations they impose. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they are intentionally doing server-side nonsense to try and break that ability also.

If they only put that much effort into actually improving their product.

Logger: homeassistant.components.simplisafe
Source: components/simplisafe/
Integration: SimpliSafe (documentation, issues)
First occurred: April 11, 2021, 11:48:27 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: April 11, 2021, 11:48:27 PM

SimpliSafe cloud error; trying stored refresh token

Error while requesting /ss3/subscriptions/1485355/settings/normal: 504, message=‘Gateway Timeout’, url=URL(‘’) (attempt 1 of 3)

I am getting a lot of Timeouts and Conflict error messages lately. The integration has become very unstable as of late. @bachya are you seeing this on your side also? Just curious if this is something with the integration or with SimpliSafe.

Fortunately-but-unfortunately, mine has been working fine. I do know if a handful of people who are experiencing what you’re experiencing, but most have needed a HASS upgrade. Confirm you’re on 2021.4.4?

Unfortunately, the saga of the flaky SimpliSafe cloud API continues…

I am currently on 2021.4.3. I just noticed an update to 2021.4.4 that I will do later today. Here are some examples of the errors I am seeing. Note I have removed the integration and re-added it multiple times over the past few weeks.

Logger: simplipy
Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/simplipy/
First occurred: 10:18:37 AM (19 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:35:29 AM

Error while requesting /ss3/subscriptions/XXXXX/sensors: 409, message='Conflict', url=URL('') (attempt 2 of 3)
Error while requesting /ss3/subscriptions/XXXXX/sensors: 409, message='Conflict', url=URL('') (attempt 3 of 3)
Error while requesting /ss3/subscriptions/XXXXX/settings/normal: 409, message='Conflict', url=URL('') (attempt 1 of 3)
Error while requesting /ss3/subscriptions/XXXXX/settings/normal: 409, message='Conflict', url=URL('') (attempt 2 of 3)
Error while requesting /ss3/subscriptions/XXXXX/settings/normal: 409, message='Conflict', url=URL('') (attempt 3 of 3)
Logger: homeassistant.components.simplisafe
Source: helpers/
Integration: SimpliSafe (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 10:26:11 AM (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:31:28 AM

Error fetching [email protected] data: SimpliSafe error while updating: Requesting /ss3/subscriptions/XXXXX/sensors failed after 4 tries
Error fetching [email protected] data: SimpliSafe error while updating: Requesting /ss3/subscriptions/XXXXX/settings/normal failed after 4 tries
Logger: homeassistant.components.simplisafe
Source: components/simplisafe/
Integration: SimpliSafe (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 10:28:24 AM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:28:24 AM

SimpliSafe cloud error; trying stored refresh token

Not sure if you saw my errors above. I am still getting quite a few errors, but things seem to be a little better now. When I disable my alarm it will disable in HA after about a minute. Not bad, but not as good as it was about 6 months ago.

Just had to reconnect again. It has been happening less often though.

@bachya , got another quick update for you. My HASS Simplisafe has been very unreliable over the past week. At times I will set the alarm on the keypad at home and check it in the Home-Assistant app hours later and it will still show as off, with a slew of errors.

I decided to install the HomeBridge Simplisafe Plugin (GitHub - homebridge-simplisafe3/homebridge-simplisafe3: A complete Homebridge plugin for SimpliSafe 3.) and connect it to Home-Assistant via the Homekit Controller Integration, and to my surprise this has been rock steady. I can set the alarm and get the notification on my phone from the SimpliSafe app that the alarm was set and immediately Home-assistant shows the update with the Homekit Controller Inetgration. I am not sure what they are doing different with websockets and polling, but it appears to be working very well.

Just wanted to make you aware of this. Thanks!

@ssilence I took a look through that repo and it’s using the same exact code that I am – same polling mechanism, same websocket endpoint (which, by the way, isn’t what the SimpliSafe app uses anymore), etc.

It’s challenging to compare apples to apples with this. I totally see that you’ve had instability and a ton of errors – I’ve had rock-solid performance on mine the last week or so (states changing, socket events, etc.). Every now and again, the integration will have to retry a request, but that always succeeds.

Certainly open to the idea that that library is doing something better than mine! I just don’t see what that would be at first glance. :frowning_face:

@bachya , that is so strange. I wonder if it has something to do with my network configuration or something. I am currently using a RPI4 running HASS in a Docker Container Supervised. I didn’t start having issues until about 3 weeks ago. I am running HomeBridge on the same RPI4 in a Docker container. I don’t even know where to begin to look to get this resolved. I am also running PiHole on the same RPI, but it seems like if that was causing issues it would cause problems with HomeBridge also. Question for you. What do you run your HASS install on (Hardware) and do you run it in a Docker Container? Thanks.

Got it. I’m running a container as well, but not supervised – running that container in an Ubuntu VM.

@bachya, thanks for your hard work on this integration. It’s a shame that the SimpliSafe API is so unstable. I, too, have seen a lot of errors and disconnects the past couple of days. Hope it smooths out. I’m a new Home Assistant user and really love it and want to keep using it. I just came from Hubitat, and there were SimpliSafe issues there as well.

Appreciate your kind words and input. It’s supremely frustrating for me – I’m used to delivering high-quality, stable software, but in a case like this, a good chunk of it is out of my control. I’ll stay on it.

Mine will have no issues for a week and then I have to sign in two days in a row.

The only thing I can think of in regards to homekit is that maybe they attempt the sign in for you. Instead of us typing our password in to get signed in, can you program the integration to do it for us?

Not at the moment: for security reasons (and per HASS standards), the integration doesn’t store your password; instead, it stores a refresh token that can (and should theoretically always be able to) generate a new access token.

Storing a SimpliSafe password, while a possible way to automatically re-authenticate for the user scares me, because it means the credentials to your SimpliSafe account would be stored in plain text.