Skyconnect: Multiprotocol start return code 400

I’m frequently getting a message saying; “core_silabs_multiprotocol/start return code 400”.
Errormessage 400

A bit of background:
I’m running Homeassistant OS, latest updates per of today, with a Skyconnect (firmware updated three days ago).

I’m guessing there’s something wrong with my Skyconnect dongle, it seems like it’s trying to start in multiprotocol. So, to get rid of the error message I’m trying to disable multiprotocl on my Skyconnect by following the instructions (Home Assistant SkyConnect). However, when I open the configure I don’t have an option of disable multiprotocol, all I get is this:

How do I turn multiprotocol off?!

Thanks for your help!

What firmware did you flash 3 days ago.
And look in Settings → add-ons if you have the multiprotocol add-on installed


I had similar issues and decided to flash the firmware that fits my use case (you can always flash it back later).

Firmwares: GitHub - NabuCasa/silabs-firmware: Silicon Labs firmware for Yellow and SkyConnect
Flashers: Skyconnect Firmware Update Version

Its flashed with: Firmware: build 212

Yes, it’s installed but not running. If I try to run it I get an error message saying:
“Missing required option ‘device’ in Silicon Labs Multiprotocol (core_silabs_multiprotocol).” is an old Zigbee-only firmware, so you can not run multiprotocol with it.
That means you have to remove the Silicon Labs Multiprotocol and the OpenThread Border Router addon if you have those and also the Thread and the Open Thread Border Router integrations.

Or if you want to run a multiprotocol setup, then install the RCP Multi-PAN firmware.
If you want to just run a Thread-only setup, then install the OpenThread RCP firmware.