SkyConnect vs. Thread Border Routers

While the SkyConnect sounds very promising (once it gets Thread firmware), I’m wondering if I even need to purchase anything beyond my current gear to use Thread + Matter. For Zigbee, I’ve been quite pleased with my Conbee II on ZHA. I also own two devices that should already (or soon) be functional as Thread Border Routers – Amazon Echo gen 4, and Apple TV 4K gen2 (2022) 64 GB version (with Ethernet).

For planning purposes, I should already be OK for Thread / Matter devices, correct?

I’m using a HUSBZB combo ZWave/ZigBee stick and really don’t want to break everything. It isn’t 100% clear if I add the SkyConnect with the intent to only use it for thread that will work. This thread suggests that keeping the HUSBZB connected for ZWave, the Zigbee radio would also be active and cause pandemonium. Id be happy with a thread only stick if one were available

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