Sleep Tracking Dashboard for Partners with Irregular Schedules - Ideas Wanted!

I’m in a bit of an unusual situation. My girlfriend is a nurse and works nights. On the days between the nights she works, she has, at best, 11 hours at home. Between limited time and the inevitable daytime disturbances, I’ve gone out of my way to optimize her sleep environment – blackout shades, an Eight Sleep mattress, white noise, the works! To maximize the impact of these efforts, I built a Home Assistant dashboard to track environmental factors and ensure I’m not interrupting her during critical sleep periods.

The main two integrations I’m using are the FSR - the best bed occupancy sensor and the [Eight Sleep integration](https://lukas-clarke / eight_sleep)

I know I’m not alone in tackling this sleep challenge! If you or your partner have an irregular schedule, let’s swap ideas. What are the ways you use Home Assistant to track and optimize sleep? I’m open to suggestions to help make her rest time as efficient as possible.

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Hi Paul,

my wife has an irregular schedule as well, although no night work due to our kids.
I haven’t thought about sleep optmization yet but I’ve build some home assistant automations to make sure that there is hot water and if necessary a heated-up bathroom when she returns and usually takes a shower.
For now I use a google calender where I put the shift type in. There is an automation that checks for shift end and activates a 20 minute timer for heating up the bathroom and also checks if the central heating system is set to heating and warm water.
We use reduce heating and warm water hours in summer but I manged to turn my dumb junkers / bosch central heating smart by installing an ems gateway
The thing I’m trying out right now is the :sunny: Cover Control Automation (CCA) - a comprehensive and highly configurable roller blind blueprint - Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community ( . Your thread got me starting if i can use the calendar entry to switch between different opening times.

How do you handle the shift schedule ?

That is a fantastic idea. I turn on the water heater about an hour before she returns, but that depends on my memory. I’ll have to figure out an automation that does this automatically in case I forget. In my case, I should be able to use her location from my iCloud integration since her shift always ends at 8:00 am. I could run this automatically at 7:00 if she’s at the hospital.