Slide-able view bar

Is there a way to make that view bar at the top slideable?

I may have to explain a little more what I mean. Right know if I scroll to the right sight, it has a suddon stop if I use it on a touchscreen.
I want it to move further after I remove my finger from the screen.

Is there a way to do this. Maybe with lovelace?

I think Swipercard is able to do that with Cards, but is it also possible with the view bar?

So noone know the answer to this one?

I was wondering about this too, but same as you I did not found the answer to that, maybe it will be added sometimes in the future, not sure if the polymer-view used for tabs(view) support this, but it would surely be great for phone usage - this is the only place that I realize I’m not on the native app when I cannot “swipe” right to next tab.

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