SMA integration not integrating EV charger

I have an SMA solar inverter with SMA Meter and SMA EV CHARGER 22kW (SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 with Smart Connected | SMA Solar).
While I can connect to the first two, this is not possible with the latter, since the EV charger request a username and password (there is no “installer” or “user” and by creating user with those names, nothing happens).

Unfortunately, the EV charger does not have any API. The only way to integrate it would be via its web interface using curl.

There was a discussion that resulted in a little script at least allowing to read data in the end of this thread, but I did not find a solution to set at least some values like stop charging or targeted charging yet. Should not be too complicated, but that would require a bit of programming skills I don’t have unfortunately.

I finally wrote a custom integration which you can find here: GitHub - alengwenus/ha-sma-ev-charger: SMA EV Charger integration for Home Assistant

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That’s awesome! Was using the REST integration before but this is so much better. I was just about to start writing an integration, but you saved me so much time. Thanks for your effort!

Edit: Just testet it out, works like a charm. Thanks!

Thank you for the custom integration.

I tried to connect to my SMA EV charger. I get the warning: “invalid authentication” (or “Failed to connect” when trying other SSL settings).

I do have a SMA homemanager 2.0 connected to my EV charger, could that be the issue?
In my password I have a @, could that be the issue?
Are there settings within the EV charger configuration to enable or disable in order to get the integration working?


Hi @pcbatterij,
there are some common mistakes which come to my mind:

  • Ensure that you connect to the IP address of your SMA EV Charger. (not the HomeManager or the inverter).
  • Use the right login credentials. They are the same as for the EV Charger’s web frontend (not the SunnyHome or inverter credentials!).
  • Ensure that you have an account for the EV Charger’s web interface at all. If not, you have to create one.

I personally do not need any SSL encryption for the charger if I access it locally.

thx for the reply.

I needed to create an installer account on the SMA EV charger (i only had an admin account).

I now have my EV charger connected to HA!!

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When I change the value of the “active power limit” setting the rate at which my car is charging does not change. On the other hand when I change the Parameter.Inverter.WMaxIn in the EV charger webui, then the maximum power of charging is changed…

Do you know what changing the Parameter.Inverter.WMax does?


UPDATE: It might be possible that Parameter.Inverter.WMaxIn changes the max power when having a setup with an energymeter (SMA home manager 2.0) and Parameter.Inverter.WMax changes maximum power when having a setup without an ennergymeter?

I have always thought that WMaxIn is set by the installer/electrician to limit the overall maximum power depending on what your electricity supplier or power grid allows you to do (it’s the AC side of the EV Charger). Accordingly WMax is meant to limit the power further down by the user… But actually I don’t know exactly either.

As far as I know, the Home manager is not able to limit anything. It is just an energy meter and the gateway to the Sunny Portal.

Strange… I have only an admin account. I can log in and change everything.

Many thanks for this integration!
I also had an authentication error first. I changed my password to use “!” instead of “&” and it worked immediately. User role is “administrator”.