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Smart AC Control

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I’m Donald J. Cox. All I’m looking for is ideas and suggestions to make my air conditioner smart. Also, I want to know how a smart AC control contributes to making an AC smart.


What sort of A/C is it? Does it have an IR remote control? If so, use this for a very easy way to get HA to control it. As for knowing if it’s been turned on by the standard remote, you would then need to add other measures to the mix


There is also sensibo (although it is cloud based).

If you have a mitsubishi there are some options too.

I know you are new, but you could always search through the component list, these types of integrations are called "climate"components


Thanks. Yes, my AC has IR remote control. I want to know about smart AC controls that allow me to control my air conditioner from anywhere, anytime and can be controlled via smartphone.


Please do some reading about what home assistant is. It could help doing what you want, but I think if you want to simply control your AC with your cellphone, I have already pointed out sensibo, which will do just that.


Or the component that linked… Does it very well and doesn’t need cloud. All you need to buy is an IR transmitter. I bought mine for about $15 or something I think it was


Thanks, @nickrout . As you suggested I searched on Web and found there is one more product similar to the Sensibo named Cielo Breez Eco. I found it more affordable. I have PIONEER split AC and this controller also works with split ACs. I read about this product here https://www.cielowigle.com/cielo-breez-eco/ . Will it be a great AC controller for my AC? More suggestions are open.


I emphasise once again that this is NOT the place you really want. Home Assistant is a whole house home automation system designed to run on a computer and run all the smart stuff in your house, including controlling air conditioning, music, lights, heating, locks, alarms, doors, blinds, irrigation systems, fans, and more, and monitoring everything from the temperature of your freezer to when your next courier package is to arrive. It will do what you want, but is overkill for simply controlling your ac with your smartphone. (Of course, you may get the home automation bug and go full home assistant, but that is another story).

I have no idea whether the cielo device is any good, I have never heard of it. I suggest you search the web for independent reviews. I can’t see an integration for home assistant either.


Look up Broadlink RM3 mini. It will work perfectly with the component I suggested, and is cheap. I have two of them (in different rooms) and they have never let me down