Smart Android TV (bluetooth remote) replication on home assistant

Hello All,

I got a new Skyworth android TV which has a built in chromecast. I want to fully control and automate it via home assistant.
I already did the native adb integration, am able to control some funtions such as volume, chromecast switching but its very limited.
If the TV remote is Infrared, i would have control it via broadlink but its bluetooth.

The question is how can i control all functions (replicate bluetooth remote) or send commands via bluetooth/wifi to control all tv functionalities via home assistant

Its been a while and found it challenging to gain full control. Your guidance is well appreciated especially for controlling the (up/down/left etc…) as I couldnt find a clear documentation that worked for me.


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I read a post here a while back about sniffing Bluetooth signals.
I’m quite sure it’s nowhere near as easy as IR but I saved it mentally for later when needed.

Do a search for it and see if you can find it or I can see if I can find it.

Hello @Hellis81
Unfortunately all articles use androidtv.adb_command which is not showing in anyway in my case, am not sure if i missed any configuration or the tv its self has limitations.

What functionality from you remote would not be available via ADB androidtv.adb_command?

What do you mean “not showing”? It’s a service call…

Hello @koying
In the developer tab, I cant find androidtv.adb_command to utilize, i am able to control the tv only using simple services such as media_player.media_play and media_player.select_source etc…

“What functionality from you remote would not be available via ADB androidtv.adb_command?”
Cant use the up down, source etc… buttons

“What do you mean “not showing”? It’s a service call…”
I cant find the androidtv.adb_command in the list to select, even if i enter the YAML code its failing…

You don’t see this?

Unfortunately this never showed for me!
Below is a screenshot

Ok… Whatever you say

Then you probably didn’t actually used the androidtv integration, but the Google Cast one, did you?

If you used androidtv, you should have an entity like this

This is what i can see, it looks its a google cast integration

I have tried the adb bridge integration but it looks its decommissioned and never worked properly and below are the related deactivated entities

Below is my Configuration file:

Don’t know the integration you’re talking about, but the one you want is androidtv, it’s in core and not decommissioned/deprecated.

See my link above for the documentation.

Is there a must have configuration to be added other than the below ?

  - platform: androidtv
    name: swtv

I have tried earlier updating the full configuration code but adbkey: “/config/android/adbkey” was causing an error, its not found or so … isnt this optional ?

A note regarding my tv, there is only usb debugging mode that i was able to enable, i couldnt find any option. Is that enough?

It depends on the devices. See with the support of your TV whether network ADB is possible.

Worst case, you can try, via usb

adb tcpip 5555

to enable network adb until the next reboot of the TV.

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Thanks Chris @koying

Unfortunately I did lots of stuff with complete failure, as a windows user my tech know how is limited

Is there a command to turn on the TV?
with a bluetooth remote control I can not find where how to turn on the TV

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Guys … please could someone explain to us in steps how to make it work. Its extremely frustrating failing to make it work for a year

You refused to listen to me before, any chance you want to listen now?

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Definitely listening, and full focus on your kind support :slight_smile:

Have you updated to the newest version and set it up fresh via config flow?
Have you followed the debug instructions in the integration documentation?