Smart Button for Doorbell

I’m looking for some advice for my doorbell setup.

My old dumb doorbell died so I decided now would be a good time to integrate a doorbell into HA.

I purchased this button and proceeded to set up my automation which displays an image from my CCTV on my AndroidTV and sends notifications to my Google Home Mini and phone.

So far, so good.

I then installed the button by my front door and very quickly discovered that it goes into some sort of sleep mode after a few hours of inactivity and can take a few presses to wake up. This is obviously useless for a doorbell so I’m looking for a suitable button that doesn’t go to sleep.

Anybody got a similar setup and can recommend the button that they use or know of any buttons that don’t go into sleep mode?

I used GPIO on raspberri pi long time and work flawless

I also got aeotech Zwave doorbell for another home and it work great. I think possible HA to use this as siren but I not try this.

I have a few of those buttons and never seen them go into sleep mode, all work straight away
Is the zigbee signal ok where you put it ?
See here for known issues:

What about Frenck’s doorbell?
I’ve built a blueprint around it

Thanks for the reply, I have an Xiaomi temperature sensor in pretty much the same location that doesn’t have any issues and it is also really close to some tradfi bulbs and a Xiaomi motion sensor in my porch so I don’t think it’s signal realted. I have read somewhere else that these buttons shouldn’t sleep but that’s just what it feels like, as soon as it is “awake” it works perfectly/quickly every time and continues to do so unless I leave it for about 90 mins. It is really annoying.

I don’t use zigbee2mqtt but I might try and set it up tonight to see if there is any problem with the signal.

Have you considered a Shelly 1?

Here is a wiring diagram:

Here is the link to the thread:

Or a Shelly Uni, if the power input works for you, and you can get rid of the requirement of the 12VDC power supply with Shelly 1.

Removed because I can’t read!

Wait, if you see the wiring diagram, there’s no 120V to begin with. And I don’t see anyone saying 120V here either.

… Or did I miss something?

Shelly can also do 12v…
Guess that is where the confusion came from

No I did. I read 12V as 120. My apologies. I will delete post.

Or just order this one (see link below)

It is powered by the doorbells power supply.
Everything under 40V should work.

Curious if anyone know if something like this exist with POE power/Network?

A network version will/may be developed in the end of this year.
There is more people that have requested the same to him.

More quality devices are in development by him, so expect more HA integrations based on ESPHome coming to life in the next months.