Smart Door Window Sensor 2 With Light Detection - MCCGQ02HL


Is it possible to add a Smart Door Window Sensor 2 With Light Detection - MCCGQ02HL to the Home Assistant without a gateway?
Directly, or using a gateway for example - Xiaomi cleargrass Bluetooth gateway

As Xiaomi BLE device, it could be included in Xiaomi passive BLE Monitor sensor platform
but not available yet. Need to ask them to do it.

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check this


The support for MCCGQ02HL seems to be added to Home Assistant Bluetooth Devices on 1.1.2023.

At last. :slight_smile:
Will it soon be working out of the box for everyone?

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Hi Maor,

Sadly made the mistake of buying the BLE version of the door sensor rather than Zigbee and read your message. I’m having some issues with the entities as it only shows me battery level and signal strength.

My Home assistant is updated to latest version, i checked your link which seems to confirm that in the 6th of Jan update we should have gotten the support but when reading the HA blog I don’t find anything on it.

Given that yes HA did pick up on the device but not fully supports it’s entities:

was this all the support we can expect for now ?
If that wasn’t it, did it get cancelled or pushed back?
Is it worth keeping these sensors given the low price point and struggles it’s giving?

I think that the 2023.1 release included only the 0.14 release of xiaomi-ble, while the MCCGQ02HL sensor is in the xiaomi-ble 0.15 release. So hopefully it will be part of the 2023.02 HA release.

I don’t know if Zigbee is a better choice now than Bluetooth. Will the new Matter and Thread standards kill Zigbee anytime soon? Let’s not discuss this here.

Thanks for the update @maor !

How do you see which version of xiomi-ble you have installed? I’m not able to find any reference about the version in the integration.

I could only find to purchase locally the BHR5154GL version, but I can’t find out what is the difference. In addition to that, I can see that it is not included in Xiaomi-Ble.

Does anyone uses this version?

I’m not sure how to see the installed code, and I’m not an expert on the release process of Home Assistant components, but I can share what I do see. It would be great if anyone can shed more light on what it means and correct me where I’m guessing wrong.

I looked at the “requirements” field of the xiaomi_ble component manifest.json file in different branches.

In the Dev branch: core/homeassistant/components/xiaomi_ble/manifest.json at 37c1052cceadec109d681ec3bced6c3f96a5863c · home-assistant/core · GitHub
And in the Master branch: core/homeassistant/components/xiaomi_ble/manifest.json at c5fb3e7fab95e0b6fc6a07cc18203bb5b79107cc · home-assistant/core · GitHub
The current values are "xiaomi-ble==0.14.3" in Dev and "xiaomi-ble==0.12.2" in Master.

We can see the content of each xiaomi-ble version here: Releases · Bluetooth-Devices/xiaomi-ble · GitHub
See that in the code change of release 0.14.0, the support for MCCGQ02HL was added.

My guess is that when a monthly release is done, the code is merged from Dev to Master. In this case, it will upgrade the xiaomi_ble from 0.12.2 to 0.14.3 and the support for MCCGQ02HL will be added.

understood. thanks for the clarification. Hope they update it soon.

At last, starting 2023.1.3 the MCCGQ02HL has the binary sensor for open/closed states!!! :partying_face:
Here is an example:

According to MCCGQ02HL Xiaomi BT Contact Sensor - #40 by Ernst the sensor is often going unavailable, but this will be fixed in 2023.1.4. Cheers!

Yes, fix in on its way. 2023.2.4 most likely

I added the MCCGQ02HL via the official Xiaomi BLE integration a couple of months ago and it works ok (while not always super snappy).

Recently I wanted to add the remaining ones but don’t get any sensors. It popped up once I enabled the battery. When adding it there was a message that there weren’t any broadcasts for a while and that I may have to add the bind key later.

Why am I not seeing the sensors? Could there be a different firmware?

I have the same issue.
I bought these sensor and I can add it, but dont see any sensors. Just the signal strength, which is sending also some data.
But no other sensors :frowning: