Smart heating: Floor heating and AC

Hi all,

I just had my AC installed. In the same room I have a Nest thermostat. Because if have floor heating in my bathroom, kitchen and living room I want to use my thermostat to have the same temperature for the floor heating in every room.

In the same room as my Nest thermostat (for the floor heating / gas) I have my AC (electric). I want to use my AC in the living room to reduce gas costst (those are extremely high in the Netherlands). Unfortunate, If my AC Heats, my Nest Also reaches its set temperature so the floor heating turns off (I need to have a constant temperature of the floor because than it will cost me less gass).

My question: Is there a way (I have like 3 separate temp/hum sensors as well) to make my floor a comfortable temp whilst using my AC in peak moments without affecting the Nest thermostat? I was thinking to buy another Nest but that is very expensive and a lot of work to get done I guess

Maybe there is another thermostat that would do it for me? Tado and controlling separate rooms? Or move my Nest to, for example, the bathroom so I can control the Nest in my bathroom for all floor temps around the house and use the AC for the living room temp? (this would be the cheapest solution)

Or do I miss something? Could I possible fix it with an automation with separate temp sensors? And how do I get my AC to work with the schedule of my Nest in that case?

All solutions are welcome! I don’t know exaclty what would be the best solution for me for now.