Smart home recommended wirring - Advice

is there some Blog/pdf/ book regarding The Smart home wiring/preparation? Something similar to

also does it make any sense to install cat7 thru walls as one can use optical and end up it in each room on switch … etc etc.


Actually this is the best and only one I have seen. I have just redone my entire house

what exactly are u referring to?

The wiring guidelines you posted.

@JulianDH assuming there has to be some better content somewhere…

the pdf i posted is almost nothing …
i assume these books are required…

@phier HA is a really broad jack of all trades; everybody has different lighting systems, alarms, power monitoring, alarms, security, irrigation, audio and media, heating and cooling, weather etc etc. And of course, the electrical mains wiring regulations are different from anywhere else. I am in the UK.

So the wiring standards, requirements and plans will entirely vary depending on the systems you are looking to use. And of course, how much wiring you are able to put in place to an existing building.

If I had used KNX I might have had to dig into a course or a book; I ended up speaking to an expert but swerved to a system I was already familiar.

I read the technical specs for those systems I was interested in and added what was needed to my master wiring CAD and spec sheets. On the whole I ran Three Core and Earth + Cat6 to each switch…… and otherwise Cat6 shielded EVERYWHERE. For example ESPHome sensors on the whole benefit from shielded twisted ……. not that I appreciated any of that when I first started. No clue what HA was!

Have I missed the point of your question? It was quite general and I was scratching my head. There is quite a lot on the forum; and the question has been asked before.

hi, i spoke to some representative today, and they said they only use KNX and everything else is just for a kids… no idea … and never heard about KNX… what book do u referring to?

not sure about your threecore+earth and cat 6 :frowning:
esphome well another not know item for me :slight_smile:

The link you posted included a reference to KNX course / book. I read the link you posted

KNX is indeed professional end of market. You can search the forum for discussions on KNX.

Good luck