Smart thermostat valve no sensor or controls

Added a zigbee smart thermostat valve to home assistant (11th zigbee device in my HA setup). Use an TI zigbee USB stick (texas_instruments_cc2531).
The box/manual says type is ME167. Got it paired trough the zha add device interface but looks like not all features are recognized. Can’t see or set temperature.

Device info
by _TZE200_bvu2wnxz
Connected via Zigbee usb stick
Zigbee info
IEEE: 00:3c:84:ff:fe:da:34:8d
Nwk: 0x2eda
Device Type: EndDevice
LQI: Unknown
RSSI: Unknown
Last Seen: 2022-11-19T11:19:20
Power Source: Battery or Unknow

tried “reconfigure” and “remove/add” but result stays the same. Anyone with similar issues and tips how to debug/fix?

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I paired the same device and the result is the same.
Do you have a solution?

Post devices support request to

Reason why →

Regardless buy a newer Zigbee Coordinator adapter and flash the latest firmware on then migrate to it as the CC253x series (CC2530 and CC2531) are obsolete and got very old unmaintained firmware:

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