Smarter Coffee / iKettle

Learned a couple of things:
Found the device on my network - by unplugging / replugging the base station to the mains and watching for changes to my routers wifi clients. It’s a 2.4Ghz client that named itself HP1860243874D2
Also realized that the MAC address is the last 12 chars of the device id as shown in the app. ie ignore the ‘3000’ part, and my MAC starts with 0c2a690e….
So now I’ve definitely identified my kettle on the lan, but I just can’t connect to it on either port 2000 or 2081 as it is refusing connections. Tried the ikettle add on, my .net app and telnet.

Starting to think this might actually be an ikettle 3, looks like that was on the market in about 2019, which could have been when I bought mine.

Smarter Kettle v3 integration almost ready
Screen Recording 2024-04-12 at 5.33.28 [video-to-gif output image]

It’s very rough right now, and will likely fail after some amount of time running. I need to subscribe to all of the home assistant events, and polish up the extension, but the core of the integration is ready.

If anyone here has experience with HASS custom components, and wants to lend a hand, hit me up.


This looks so cool! Any chance to test it?