SmartIR - Control your Climate, TV and Fan devices via IR/RF controllers


I did that all instructions the climate work perfect, but when i use

  • platform: smartir
    name: Living room TV
    device_code: 1040
    controller_send_service: switch.broadlink_send_packet_192_168_1_7

its gives me “Platform not found: media_player.smartir”


Is the file in the smartir folder?


my directory is:

codes/media_player/ .jsons


Strange. Please open an issue on GitHub


ok, i will do that now,

thanks again


About configuration of the component
on Hassio the right path for the custom_components/smartir… directory is inside the /config folder, the same folder of the configuration.yaml is this correct?


Yes, this is correct.


Can someone please help me to convert my INI files that basically is the samsung one for media_player.



Will do it. Could you send me the model of the TV device?


Mine is samsung UE40F6500


Is it possible to add a ping host option as the old component? The old component only sent ping’s when required. So that the state updates were quite fast. Whereas the new one requires a power sensor. If I create a ping sensor to feed the power_sensor: option I need to put a small scan_interval which creates unnecessary traffic.


Please add 1060 to device_code parameter. The component will download your file.


This is not true.The ping command was executed every 30 seconds.


I’ve checked your code and each command has the self.schedule_update_ha_state() statement and def update(self) includes the ping command. And from that information I supposed ping was called with every command and not on a scheduled base. I supposed wrong then, opps :slight_smile:
So from another perspective, is it possible to add such functionality to the smartir code?


If should_poll is true then the component calls update on a scheduled base (according to scan_inteval). I’m not planning to add the ping function to smartir. A ping binary sensor will do the job.


Too bad to hear that. Yes I am using a ping binary_sensor, but even with a scan_interval of 30s it has worse performance than the old component. I was not using the “should_poll” with the old component.


Should_poll was true in code. It was mentioned to complete your findings.
For faster updates add scan_interval: to media_player configuration and adjust to your needs.


Actually I don’t have should_poll in code, but thank you. Will look into changing scan intervals to a lesser amount to get the desired effect. Thank you.


When I try to convert my ini files the process is always failed:


I use these at the old broadlink mediaplayer:

What is wrong whit this?


This tool converts only climate INI files. There is already a file compatible with your tv. Please add 1060 to device_code parameter. The component will download your file.