SmartIR - Control your Climate, TV and Fan devices via IR/RF controllers


Will this component work with a Window AC with a remote also? I got to the point of creating the codes file and it seems like my remote sends one code at a time, not the whole setup.


I’ve done this for Argo climate. If you want you can add it into your repo. At the moment I gave 1001 number since it is derived from toyotomi_akira codes.


I had the smartir working but after the last update i now get the following error:

Platform not found: climate.smartir
Platform not found: climate.smartir

I have changed nothing and get this, please help.


Which update?


SmartIR 1.3.0


Please open an issue on GitHub


I figured it out, if you update to smartir 1.3.0 you MUST update HA to 0.88.2 also.


Hi all and thanks to @Vassilis for sharing this!

I’ve set my Samsung AC with SmartIR 1.3 and Hassio 0.88.2

I see from 1400.json that there is also a fanMode like this

  "fanModes": [

but I can’t see in the panel I see in my dashboard (I’ve tried also when it’s ON, heat or cool or other modes)


Is it possible to show them?



Is this a custom simple-thermostat card?


Yes, it’s custom:simple-thermostat

Is there another thermostat card that shows them?


Try to click on temperature caption :wink:


Thanks! :smiley:

I didn’t think about it…


@Vassilis, do you plan to support a light in the new fan component? Just moved my old fan component to the new one and everything works perfectly. However, it seems as if lights are not yet ported?



Already discussed it on GitHub issues. The fan component relies on the official HA fan platform. This platform has not the ability to turn on/off lights. The light of the fan should be under the light domain in HA.


How to add/submit new .json file for media player I created.
Have Insignia TV Model NS-42D510NA15


Thanks for contributing. I really appreciate it. Could you open an issue on GiHub and post your file?


Added: " Add/submit new .json file for media player"


I saw it. Thanks.


OK thanks. Will include it in the light section.


Has someone ever thought about to make this component work with XIAOMI ir blaster?

This one