Smartlife Plant Sensor SGS01

I found those BLE plant sensors from Tuya on aliexpress.
I bought 2 of them to try to use them with HA as they are cheaper than the Mi Flora ones.
They are recognized by the smartlife application as SGS01 but they are not recognized at all by any of the integrations I have installed in HA.
I don’t find any information about in the internet, does anyone has been able to integrate them in HA without using Tuya cloud?

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Have you tried About | Passive BLE Monitor integration?

No, didn’t know about it, I will try and update the thread.
Thanks for the idea!

Please update this thread if you get it working :slight_smile:

Sadly it didn’t work with ble_monitor integration.
The device is detected but no sensors. :frowning:

Seems it’s on the radar


Hello. I also have this sensor. Have you made any progress in integrating it with Home Assistant?

Alternatively, this is the device inside. Is it feasible to swap out the Bluetooth module with an ESP32-C3-MINI, ESP12 or nRF52840?


How to get it detected? No matter how much I enter the MAC and the acces_token, I can't get it