SmartThings bulb energy - send more data back to HA

Hey all,
Within SmartThings I have added in the bulb integration who are my energy supplier

Within the SmartThings app, I get a load of useful info, however it would seem only some data is passed to HomeAssistant via the integration.

Who could update this to supply more detailed info please?

Was just about to post a similar question, if the energy data could be imported into HA

Looks like you’ve got some data in, could I ask what config got that working?

I only get some data from the ST integration

Just revisting this as I’ve just integrated the energy meter via SmartThings but same as in the OP I’m only getting a basic electricity meter reading rather than something much richer… ST has the data but it’s not passing to HA which is a shame.

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upvote this idea :slight_smile:

I’ve just had the meter put in. Same situation. Anyone progressed this?

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Same here. Loads of data in ST 1 number in HA. Wt£?

I also have only energy meter reading passed to HA from SmartThing but not gas data… Seems this is a limitation of the SmartThings API ;(

What I’ve done to get the energy usage, is to create derivative sensor to get the usage and then created a utility meter to calculate usages:

Derivative from SmartThings integration:

- platform: derivative
  name: "Current Electricity Usage (kW)"
  source: sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter

Utility Meter:

    name: "Hourly Energy Consumption"
    source: sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter
    cycle: hourly
    name: "Daily Energy Consumption"
    source: sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter
    cycle: daily
    name: "Weekly Energy Consumption"
    source: sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter
    cycle: weekly
    name: "Monthly Energy Consumption"
    source: sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter
    cycle: monthly

Current usage:

- platform: template
      friendly_name: "Current Electricity Usage"
      unit_of_measurement: 'W'
      icon_template: mdi:flash
      value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.current_electricity_usage_kw')|float * 1000)}}"

Daily usage:

- platform: template
      friendly_name: "Daily Electricity Usage Cost"
      unit_of_measurement: '£'
      icon_template: mdi:cash
      value_template: "{{ ((states('sensor.daily_energy')|float * 0.1608) + 0.1979)|round(2)}}"

Please note that 0.1608 is the price per kWh and 0.1979 is the daily standing charge. Adjust for weekly, monthly

Hope that helps a bit at least for energy.

I would love to see gas meter reading passed to HA


thank you!

how did you work out these 2 values from your statement sorry?
did you take the 2 values and divde by 24?

mine are
Energy 948 kWh @ 14.11 p/kWh £ 133.77
Standing charge 31 days @ 19.06 p/day £ 5.91

It will say on your statement, I took them form my In Home Display, but you also have them when you login onto your online Bulb account…I have just checked…they upped the standing charge… I will have to adjust mine to:

Unit rate:16.08p per kWh
Standing charge: 20.09p per day

So I calculated in my case then:
Weekly then should be 0.20097= £1.4063 per week
Monthly: (1.4063
52) / 12 = £6.0639 per month

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Sorry to jump in on this! Do you create the above all in the configuration file?

Yes you create in the config file.

Has anyone checked if they have an open api that could be used for an integration? If Smartthings can get it, likely HA/Nabu Casa could get it with the right documentation/information/interest.

How would you do this for day/night rates? Thanks

There is this integration that could work to go via Glowmarkt API on the link below. There is a mobile app called Bright from Glowmarkt which works with Bulb meters. I just haven’t had time to have a look in-depth and try out this HA integration. Maybe somebody can try it out.

It does’nt work standalone you need to buy one of these which were out of stock for ages and are about £70. Frankly for me I really want to know hourly, weekly and monthly cost of energy no so bothered about instantaneous. So what you have already done is perfect if I could just break the night/day rate down. I’m not too familiar with how to achieve this but sure it would be easy (if I knew how :slight_smile: ). THanks

Another vote for this one.

The only electricity sensor data available via SmartThings for the Bulb energy meter is [sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter] which is the cumulative total kWh of all energy consumed (along with a time stamp) since the meter was installed. I’ve created some nice Graphs in Grafana using First and Last selectors and Range to calculate Energy within the given Time range from InfluxDB.

However the Bulb Smart Energy meter also shows real-time Power consumption in W. I wonder is this a sensor value hidden from Home Assistant that SmartThings have some how got access to via their collaboration with Bulb, OR is it derived from a kWh to kW conversion P (kW) = E (kWh) / t (h) and therefore still using the same kWh sensor data.

It’s surprising there is only kWh Energy reading available in HA where-as SmartThings is able to display the kW Power too. I’ve looked in the SmartThings API console as well and can’t see any additional sensor data beyond kWh.

Anyone had any more success on this? I may just give in an install another Power monitor to get additional data.

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let me know what you do if you go down the “ther power monitor” route :slight_smile:

It seems the sensor this Smart Things integration creates e.g. sensor.smart_meter_electricity can be plugged directly in to Home Assistant’s new energy monitoring dashboard?

This sensor was previously not very useful as it’s just an ever-growing value of energy consumption (not sure how often it resets):


I had it on my list to set this sensor up with the Utility Meter integration as some have done above but unless I’m missing something, this is no longer necessary.

Although there’s no option for setting a “cycle” Home Assistant seems to be turning the sensor data into something accurate and useful:

Since it looks like the Smart Things integration provides both electricity and gas (if I had a smart gas meter) I’m not sure what additional data should be sent.


Perhaps this feature is “done”? Happy to be corrected!

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