Smoke Detector HA integration (Germany)


I would like to finally turn off my Homematic. But to do this, I still need to replace the smoke detector of the CCU with another model (the last device in Homematic).

Which smoke detectors can be integrated in the Home Assistant in 01/23?

  • Available in Germany?
  • Can be ordered directly in Germany?
  • Good test results / reliable reporting behavior?
  • Without cloud and additional costs?
  • Smoke and CO2?
  • ZigBee / Wifi/….?

The smoke detector should also look good, as it is placed in the living room.

Aqara - is almost only available through AliExpres
Shelly Smoke - not yet available (when)?
Nest Protect - here I don’t know if locally usable or only with cloud connection and how the current status of HA integration is.

Does anyone have a tip for this?

Thanks in advance

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I am from the Netherlands, and I use KlikAanKlikUit Zigbee smoke detector. This brand has a decent reputation here in the Netherlands in Smart Home sector and the price in NL Hornbach(€29.95) is quite fair as well. I don’t know which city you are from in Germany but if you are near the Dutch border to grab one from a NL hardware store, or if you can find this brand in your local DE Hornbach then I recommend it:

The only thing I miss in this sensor is the ability to trigger the siren from HA to be used as an alarm, that would be really good so I wouldn’t have to buy a separate alarm. Other than this minor flaw, all is well so far. Same brand has a CO detector as well, but a bit pricey as usual, but seems like all CO detectors are more expensive compared to smoke detectors. This one is €59.95 in NL Hornbach:


Hi Andreas,

I use the Fibaro one here with Zwave JS Integration.
They are really small and doesnt attract attention if installed in Living Room.

I hope this is to your liking and with kind regards

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Hi I also have a FIBARO FGSD-002 Smoke Detector but I am not able to connect it to with Zwave JS Integration.

Could you maybe have a look on my post:

I use Hekatron Genius Pro X with an manual fire detector (Handfeuermelder) in my wireless sensor Network. The Handfeuermelder has 2 inputs and 2 outputs.
Input: Manual Fire
Input: Reset Fire Alarm
Output: Error
Output: Fire

Hint: For gateway use the Handfeuermelder needs a power supply

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-01 um 10.32.06

Did you manage to connect it to Home Assistant and, if yes, how?