Smoke detector?

You could go crazy lol, buy an “extra” detector and hook it up somewhere within reach or if you really want to mess around with it, crack the extra one open and figure out a way to hookup a relay to the silence button using an esp8266 and something like esphome/tasmota then you can silence from HA.

Of course you would need the ability to run wires, which is/was easy for me in my basement since I have a drop ceiling.

Could then have voice activated silencing via HA!

In fact, I might look in to that.

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Kiddie now makes these:

I just installed a few and they are really nice, Wi-Fi, app enabled, hardwired and interconnected. They are a great value at $89

It would be awesome if we could get an integration.

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Very interesting… of course I’ve already taken the plunge and said ‘screw it I’m going with nest protect’.

Curious - can’t seem to find - do these have a ‘remote silence’ feature? If not thats a deal breaker for me anyways. My ceilings are pretty high, and I can’t be pulling out a ladder to silence a nuisance alarm….

I have one of the First Alert Smoke/CO detectors, using z-wave aeotec dongle and it works well. I have a few automations set up in Node Red such as phone app notifications and all house lights on when it alarms. I think I found the information such as the sensors and attributes to use on this forum. I have found the battery reporting to be strange, the low battery chirp started when the battery reported 77%. The Smoke and CO alarms are reported in the HA sensor differently so you can tell which alarm type it is.

Any chance anyone knows of movement on an integration? Looking to change my existing Kidde detectors to the smart ones, and would love to have it integrated with HA.

Kidde Smart

Even if this can be integrated, it would be a cloud based integration subject to change at the whims of the manufacturer, and could even be shutoff at anytime.

Examples of people being left in the cold by cloud based API changes include Tuya Revert back to the old way of handling Tuya please - #28 by balloob , Insteon Is Insteon Dead? - #2 by mwav3 , and TPLINK TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug disappears after latest firmware update

I would not rely on an online integration using an API for something as critical as a smoke alarm activating. Actually, I wouldn’t rely on cloud based integrations for anything anymore as I’ve been burned too many times by them failing.

Instead, you might want to look at this option to make your existing detectors smart and use Zwave, an entirely local and standard protocol. If they are wired and interconnected you would only need one relay and can keep your existing detectors.

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That does appear to be a good solution if you’re only looking for a binary sensor. If you’re looking for supplement attributes (replacement, faults, etc.), and methods (triggering tests, sending a hush command, etc.), then you’re back to the API for now.

I just bought this First Alert Zwave, using with zwavejs2mqtt

It exposes all these sensors/attributes, and works local:

Update- I don’t currently see it on Amazon, but it is available on the ring website. Since it’s zwave, it doesn’t need the ring hub and would work with a zstick running zwavejs

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That looks nice - and would get rid of the stupid Ring listening thing that never seems to work. I’m assuming no remote shutting it up if there is a false alarm? My broomstick and vaulted ceiling routine is getting old :slight_smile:

Lol. Unfortunately not, it just operates as a sensor and doesn’t have user initiated tests and silence controls.

Is this the “Z-Wave JS” Add-On what you’re referencing? And if I try and use a “Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5” that I’ve never used, will that matter?

There’s this add-on:
… and then there is also this one under the community add-on:

Between these 2, I (and I believe Tim also) would actually recommend the latter.


Agree, use zwavejs2mqtt- It has more features. I have the Aeotec zstick gen5 and it works well with the detector and zwavejs2mqtt

Except if you use an rpi4, there are some compatibility issues, but they can be worked around

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Oh - that is not happening - I am not an “open it up and solder something on to it” type of guy :rofl: . - Just bought the Aeotec Z-Stick 7 USB stick (ZWA010) instead and will call it a day.

I believe someone said a powered usb hub between the rpi4 and zstick gen5 would work to solve the issue as well instead of soldering, but it’s an odd problem for sure. Something about power draw specs being off.

I hear you on the vaulted ceiling thing. Some of mine are over 20 ft up… absolutely no way to reach in the event of a nuisance alarm…. (I went with the nest protects)

Hi all, thanks for the info. I was also scrolling checking Smoke & CO Detectors - #42 by nappyjim

Does anybody have experience with the Google Nest Protect V2? Some google search hits didn’t made me clear how well this is supported bij HAS?

I currently have non-smart smoke detectors, the HAGER TG501A powered with 230V and a backup battery and linked together but they are not very reliable.

So for me a 230V powered solution (with optional backup battery) would be preferred because the power is already available (just replacing the current Hager ones). But if there is a better option out there with accu then that’s fine.

  • Smoke detection
  • Heat detection is preferred (probably more reliable then only smoke?)
  • Carbon Monoxide detection is not mandatory (within a few months I will no longer use natural gas and my natural gas connection will be eliminated).
  • Serine somehow (speaker with warning voice is also OK) linked
  • Integrated PI/motion detector would be nice

All advises are welcome, thanks!

I use Nest Protects and think they work perfectly fine using the HomeBridge/HomeKit integration

Thanks @liamstears I was already checking them but was not shure if the v2 also was supported. Which functions are exposed?

@roelos the only downside of Nest Protect is that it is communicating via the cloud, and that there is no local API. If you have the wired Nest Protect (230V), the integrated occupancy sensor will be exposed to HA as well. The only downside is that it will stay ‘triggered’ for 10 minutes after first motion, which is an API limitation.

See iMicknl/ha-nest-protect: Nest Protect integration for Home Assistant. This will allow you to integrate your smoke, heat, co and occupancy status real-time in HA. (