Snooze Ring Motion Detection from HA?

I want to snooze Ring motion detection for my doorbell via HA. Is this possible? Maybe with IFTTT? Thanks.

May be possible with IFTT but dont use it myself - I would suspect that most HA users wont use IFTT.
You cant disable the ring motion detection from HA directly.

However we went about this slightly differently and decided to stop using ring and or rapid ring apps to notify us and now use HA for all ring notifications. So we can do slightly smarter things like dont send a front doorbell motion notification for example if the front door has just been opened - stops us getting notifications when we walk out the door etc.

Once you start using HA for all ring notifications then the possibilities are much greater and of course smarter - like most things when using HA

I like getting the notifications from the Ring app on my phone with a thumbnail for a quick check, so I don’t want to stop using the app just yet. I cannot tell what IFTTT supports for Ring based on the description on their website.

I have IFTTT and Ring can only trigger “if” actions in IFTTT from motion Or a button press. There is nothing on the ring side you can actually trigger to happen through IFTTT.

However, I agree with the other poster and just use the ring integration in Home Assistant to handle all ring automations. I have several home assistant automations that trigger with button presses or motion.

For Alexa announcements, I dont use the ring Alexa skill, and use Alexa Media Player to do motion announcements. From that, I can set conditions to not announce at night, override announcements, etc.

All perfectly possible using home assistant only.

Does the HA Ring integration allow you to do everything the Ring app can do? Can you store video locally without a subscription?

Everything you can do with the ring integration is described here

You can save videos, but the documentation says you still need a ring subscription. Without the subscription, the camera part of the integration will not work.

Thanks. It’s not clear to me if you can turn off motion detection with the integration?

You cannot turn on and off motion detection with the integration.

If you are using Home Assistant to react to motion, button presses, and download/forward video images, I would not see the point of turning on and off motion detection in the ring app though. You can create an input boolean in Home assistant as a condition in all your ring motion automations so you can turn them on and off on the Home Assistant side by toggling the boolean. The boolean could be toggled manually or by other automations.

Are you really able to duplicate everything in the Ring app with HA? It seems like a tall task to have notifications with snapshots, a timeline view of videos, etc…

All my automations that react to motion are handled by Home Assistant, including announcements.

That doesn’t mean it fully replaces the ring app though. Like any cloud connected device, you will always need the native app for something. This would include changing advanced settings for the ring, like motion sensitivity. I also use it for the time line still to look at old videos.

So you won’t be able to totally abandon the ring app.

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