Solar Edge API key


I tried to add my solar edge solar power to my energy dashboard.
My convertor is connected via GSM, so not wifi, so I have to use the the API.
The company who installed to solar panels provided a site and API key for me but when I use them I get the message
“Could not connect to the solaredge API”
Also When I connect to
I get the message “Invalid token”.
so it’s not really a HA question as it is a solar edge one.

But does anyone know if some option needs to be enabled, or maybe my key is just invalid?

Thank you

Can you login to the interactive site at SolarEdge ?

If so, you can see your API access key under Admin → Site Access
Or generate a new api key if there’s not one set.

I can login, but I only have limited access. I can see dashboard and layout, that’s it.
So I don’t have access to the admin menu.
the API key I have is provided by the company which installed my solar panels.

I had a SolarEdge inverter commissioned a couple of weeks ago.
I had an email from SolarEdge saying my supplier had invited me to sign up etc.

I’m set up as site owner (this was on a separate email from SolarEdge after I’d registered) and I generated my own api key for access to my site. Reading the api docs it looks like there’s a separate api key for installers to monitor multiple sites.

You might want to go back to your supplier and/or contact SolarEdge for this one.

I raised the question to the installer, They now assigned me as owner and created an owner key for me. which is working.
I still don’t have all options in the dashboard, but I can access some admin functions right now.
Thank you for pointing out the separate key’s, I wouldn’t have been able to raise the correct question without that knowledge.


Would you be comfortable sharing what company did your installation?

My installer (Encor Solar) seems to think they cannot do this and/or don’t know how to do this.

It’s a Dudch company, Solar Concept,
but if I were you I would checkout this HACS implementation

the api only updates every 15 minutes is isn’t that stable.
if you can get local access to work, it’s way more stable and you can update like every 10 sec and you do not need the cloud.

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