Solar generation (feed-in tariff) price in Energy dashboard


I’ve just started playing with the energy dashboard using data from emoncms.

Home assistant understands that importing and exporting from the grid has a cost, and that these can be different. Is it possible to specify the price I get paid for generation? This is different from import/export. I get paid for whatever I generate, regardless of whether I use it internally or export it. I have a separate meter (and CT clamp, which is where I get the data) for the solar circuit.


No not yet.

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I like that “yet”. :smiley:

It is definitely a work in progress.


Is this still in progress? Is there a github issue or feature request topic that I can follow? Also, would be happy to help with coding (Python, not JS) and testing.



You can search here:

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m not seeing a request for this so I will open one

Note: Pull Requests (PRs) are for submitting code changes, not feature requests. They go here.

Ah yes just found that, thanks!

There is already a feature request here:

so I voted for it. Thanks again!