SolarEdge Optimizer Info

I just had my Solar company unlock some additional “access” into Solar edge that they decided not to tell me about but I can now see each of my panels and a bunch of information about each panel, including SN, Model, Voltage, power (watts) and current.

Now all that information is available through the Solar Edge application as seen in the screenshot below but I don’t see any of it passing through to Home Assistant. I checked and do not see any additional entities nor does anything show up under the developer section.

I am hoping there is some existing way to add these “optimizer maps” or at least add the individual optimizer (panel) stats into home assistant to be able to monitor. As seen in the screenshot I appear to have several panels that are not working on the same level as others even though having the same angle and positioning on my roof as others right next to them without any shade.

SolarEdge publishes a list of REST APIs that allows one to get access to information about their solar installation site using an API Key. HA has selected a few of these APIs to use. Here is a document containing a list of APIs, and you can look to see if there is one that provides energy estimates for each panel (I could not find one myself). It could be the case that they don’t publish an API for this particular case, but I am not sure. To my knowledge, HA does not use an API that does this, but if the API exists, one can create their own sensor to use this API. One just has to be mindful that SolarEdge rate limits requests to their website, so adding your own sensor would make it more likely to hit this limit.

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Seems like there is info to get via API calls i think, would it just not be a matter of the person responsible for the solaredge integration in HA to implement the pulling of this extra data?

I reviewed the documentation wmaker provided and I didn’t see any way to actually pull the individual panel info from the SolarEdge API.

It doesn’t appear to be possible from there, outside of their app.

I also learned that the reason for me wanting this… Is simply my solar company is incompetent and lazy . When they designed my map, they just placed the panels wherever instead of taking the time to put them where they actually are, so those are all my panels on my roof, but the reason I have dark spots all over is because none of the physical panel locations match the map.

ps. There is now an integration to get the optimizer data into HA: SolarEdge Optimizers Data

anyone got any good solution?

it seems there are a few approaches with more or less desired results.

1.) Glance Card for plain statistics for each Module
2.) Picture-Element-Card to mimic the pyhsical layout and add Sensor Power Data to it
3.) a mix of above using GitHub - stepsolar/hassio-package-panel-solar: Package Panel Solar Optimizer Solaredge Home Assistant

Please let me know if you find somethign suitable

would be good to revisit this, even though there is the CC.

It is not very well maintained, so updating is required, see MYCoordinator creating a chain of tasks that has to be waited on · Issue #67 · ProudElm/solaredgeoptimizers · GitHub

A FR/PR to update core Integration with the individual panels would be even better…

HI @langestefan are you using this HACS integration? I’m looking for some info about how to setup it

Yes, see: Per-panel PV power / energy visualization (solaredge optimizer data)

thank you @langestefan, reading now