[solved] Flapping states knx light card

Hi together,

i have a problem with my light cards and my knx lights
Yesterday i updated from 2023.12 to 2024.1 but i have the issues with 2023.12 too.
Iam using the knx integration with xknx 2.11.2
If iam changing the color temp or my rgb values multiple times over HA (light card) the slider is going to flap and sends many values over the knx bus.


Here is my config:
- name: “Test2”
address: “2/2/1”
state_address: “2/2/4”
brightness_address: “2/2/3”
brightness_state_address: “2/2/5”
color_temperature_address: “2/2/8”
color_temperature_state_address: “2/2/12”
color_temperature_mode: absolute
min_kelvin: 1800
max_kelvin: 10000

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Hi :wave:!
Can you show the actuators GA assignments and a bus log when this starts to happen?

Hi thank you for your answer.

Bus Monitor:

Is 1.1.253 your KNX device or the Tunnel HA is using?

correct its the Tunnel GA of myMDT KNX IP Router

That looks very much like a DALI KNX Gateway.
I know some models send out each % step back to the status, i had to use somw logic to delay that (just send the last value after 1,5 second)

When looking at the knx bus does the status get updated each step or just once when it hits its setting?

Did you configure multiple entities for that Light channel?
Do you have any automations or adaptive-lighting custom component things running for that?

Iam using the MDT DALI Control PRO64 Gateway
The change is made immediately on the bus

Iam using the GAs only for one entity and no automations or adaptvie lightning
The flapping state occurs more often when i changes the values i a short freqenz

When 1.1.253 is HAs tunnel, why does it send to 2/2/11? It is not configured for the entity.

Its a lamp with color_temp and rgb (Kiteo 12F)
If iam put in the rgb value in the knx config the light card is not showing the Kelvin slider. The 2/2/11 is the rgb value which i comment out in the config

So the yaml you pasted above doesn’t match the entity that is producing the bug. Can you please post what is causing the bug?

Yes, there are no multiple color modes supported in Knx lights currently.

I just realized that One of the addresses is a state_address. HA will never send any GroupValueWrite telegrams to those :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@farmio thank you for help, here is the group monitor if i set the value:

If the flapping state accours the Group Monitor above is the right one

Is there a workaround for control both rgb and color_temp? Maybe two entities of light?

Sorry I can’t really help you without the yaml that is currently running when you encounter the bug. The only yaml I can see doesn’t have 2/2/11, and uses 2/2/12 as a state address. So I wouldn’t know why it sends any telegram to one of those GAs (except maybe a Read).

I was expecting that you use 2 light entities for that reason and this would trigger this bug. But since you aren’t… you can only try.
RGBWW lights are not that common in Knx, so there’s not much experience with that.

Here is my running yaml:
- name: “Test2”
address: “2/2/1”
state_address: “2/2/4”
brightness_address: “2/2/3”
brightness_state_address: “2/2/5”
"# color_address: “2/2/7”
"# color_state_address: “2/2/11”
color_temperature_address: “2/2/8”
color_temperature_state_address: “2/2/12”
color_temperature_mode: absolute
min_kelvin: 1800
max_kelvin: 10000

without the " in front of the #

Any knx exposures or blueprints?

PS: See https://community.home-assistant.io/t/how-to-help-us-help-you-or-how-to-ask-a-good-question/114371#oneone-format-it-properly-16 on how to format yaml in this forum.

You are right blueprint was activated :see_no_evil:

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