Solved: Help stop tradfri zigbee remote directly controlling a xiaomi plug (unbinding?)

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Hoping for some Zigbee/ZHA guru help

I have acquired a conbeeII stick and am starting to migrate some devices to the new network from my Xiaomi & Ikea Zigbee networks.

I am using the baked in Zigbee (ZHA) integration in Homeassistant. Running Homeassistant container in docker on my NAS. Homeassistant V114.4 (had same behaviour in v113). Added zigbee devices have applied appropriate quirks and are identified in the integration.

I have added an Ikea 5 way remote (E1810) and a xiaomi lumi plug (ZNCZ02LM) to the ZHA network and now any time I press the toggle button on the remote, my plug will toggle. I do not want this behaviour and have not done anything to select it (to my knowledge).

I am assuming this is in the direct Zigbee worked using the magic of groups and/or clusters.

Any tips on how to diagnose and adjust this behavior on the native Zigbee network?

edit: I have attempted to unbind the remotes from the device integration page: manage clusters -> device binding and selected the power plugs and hit unbind … seems to not change the behavior. Again - any advice?


Check for any ZHA groups and group binding as well!

Thanks - I have looked and the remote does not appear as a member of any binding groups.

I think the issue is that unbinding from the integration page for ZHA is not working.

Will check logs

Double check the plugs too – I believe IKEA remotes by default use group signalling – most likely the group the remotes have picked has your Xiaomi plug in it.

THanks for the suggestion

Is there a recommended way to diagnose?

Can I simply look at the zigbee signiature, or do I have to step through the clusters for bindings and groups (which I have been doing)

Any suggestions or pointers to resources gratefully accepted


Just go Config > Integrations > ZHA => Config > Groups and look for any existing ZHA groups – double check them to see if your Xiaomi plugs are listed.

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Many thanks @walt, that put me onto it!

I found 5 groups in my zigbee group config (none of which I made) - one of them (the first … 0x0000) had the xiaomi plugs “LUMI.PLUG” as members of that group.

I removed them and now have the intended behavior.

So, it appears that tradfri remotes send group commands to group 0x0000, or the first group they find by default!

I now have 2 ikea remotes that only do what I want them too - :+1: