[solved] Locked out: "Too many login attempts" / "Banning IP address"

After HA owner but Unauthorized for file editor? I got in troubles even more deeper.
Because not finding any related info on this problem I think it’s not bad to create an extra topic in case someone else experiences the same problem.

IP from my client is banned but even changing the address doesn’t allow me to login… :grimacing: :grimacing:

So guys, could use some help.

Look in your configuration files (where the YAMLs are) - there is a ban IP listing - forget the exact file name but I remember it being fairly obvious.

Delete out the IP save and retry.

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Empty the ip-bans.yaml file and restart HA.



Thanks a million guys!

Sorry. Thats not the solution if there is no ip_bans.yaml file existing! while having the banned problem

So you are saying that you have exact this problem that HA has banned your IP and you don’t have a ip_bans.yaml file?

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