[solved] Remove/hide Lovelace header? => Custom Header

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Hi all

Is it possible to remove/hide the header completely, only for a specific dashboard?
Since sceen surface on a smaller/portable device is valuable, it’s interesting if the header could be out of sight.
I have already discovered that if you change the title with a blank space, it becomes smaller.
In my search, I have found the Custom Header project but this seems to be overkill for what I want to achieve.

Thanks a lot in advance

Not necessarily overkill, and I don’t know any other options…

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It’s you’re only option, and it can do what you’re asking.

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Hi guys, thanks for stepping in!

You are right, it seems to be the only option.
I’m surprised that this is not possible in the basic configuration since I guess that most people use portable devices that have smaller screens then a full-size computer.

On the other hand I wonder if the header is really necessary in a sense of functionality.
For sure the title of the Lovelace UI seems to me a waste of space and the ability to make changes to the UI could be placed somewhere else.

I am a little reluctant to make these kind of changes that seem to be kinda hacks but I tried the Custom Header customization and it’s indeed exactly what I want.

Have a nice day!