(Solved) Stuck on login after Initial installation

I am a total newbee on HA so this might be a stupid RTFM error.

After the installation on a RPi 3+ I wait and after some time HA appears at http://hassio.local:8123/frontend_latest/onboarding.html

I enter a name and a username and a strong password (12 char long) and then “create account”.

I get to the secund page and reenter the username and password, but its not valid and I cant get passed.

Looked at youtube to find a guide but all looks like they are for an older version.

What have I done wrong? Is there a Youtube video that I can follow for the version I have. I have downloaded the version yesterday so I belive its the latest version

Could it be because they have introduced two-step authentication in the newest version https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/authentication/multi-factor-auth/

Hope you manage to get through - it is a truly awasome program :slight_smile:

Looked at the link but looks like to advanced to be on the secund installation page for a fresh installation.

The answer must be simplier than that.

If I stuck the installation again It take half an hour to get back again. (=flash sd from scratch)

Just delete the .storage directory from your config directory and restart home assistant

I think the solution was that i must use the login for hass.io

when I enter the loginname and passwors for the forum it starts working

Your home assistant install and the forums are 100% not connected

I had the same issue.

Cleared Cache, closed browser and used IP address: Port to login.