Some Zigbee devices are unreliable!

I have a Zemismart Hub.

Sometimes when I will do some automation, like turn off my Room light when nobody is detected, it happens one light/spot continue ON but on HomeAssistant or SmartLife this light/spot is showed offline!

It happens often, but not always.

Is there any way to fix that?

Try setting up a zigbee group containing all four lights. I’ve found this to be a more reliable way to control a few units at once. All units are going to get exactly the same instructions which should verify everything is working (or not !)

I did it using HomeKit. I grouped multiple lamps on a single device. Isn’t it same thing?


I can control my four spots/lamps using a single command.

Zigbee group (a.k.a. “Zigbee Light Groups”) and Home Assistant group (a.k.a. “HA helper groups”) is not the same thing. You need to create a Zigbee group in the Zigbee gateway application/integration (e.g. the built-in ZHA integration or Zigbee2MQTT), and not just a group in Home Assistant, that way the devices will be connected at the Zigbee level.

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Oh! Thank you. I did it on Smart Life and exported to Home Assistant using a scene (do you know if there’s a way to export grouped devices from SmartLife to HASS?).

Grouped devices really have a performance better.

With Zigbee 2 MQTT I can do the same locally?

As Hedda says, do it at the Zigbee level; you don’t want to export it to HASS at all, you want to create it in Z2M directly.
From the Z2M UI home screen, just select Groups and do your setup in there. It really quick and easy.
And yes ! - The performance improvement is certainly noticeable.