Something is turning my lights on at night despite them actually being off

I’ve been having an irritating problem where I my lights are not being turned on in the morning by a timer or by the motion sensor but work at other times during the day.

Looking at the history, something is telling HA that the lights are on even though they are actually off (or least have no brightness). This is no doubt why setting the lights on in the morning is not working as HA thinks they are already on.

In the log book, all sorts of spurious events are happening like random lights being put on

I am in bed at this time and entities like “upstairs floor bulb 2”, “living room wall lamp”, “table light” are not triggered by motion sensors. These lights are not even on in the morning when i wake up.

I am using ZHA for all the light entities.

All these devices have the attribute Startuponoffset to “previous value” in ZHA. I know this works for these lights because they stay off even after a power outage or switching off by the physical switch.

The light’s are not actually on though. They are off but they are reporting as being on.

It’s happening every day but there is nothing to say what’s causing it.

It also explains why i’ve been frustrated with the controllers not putting the lights on on the first try.

Here is another example. The lamp is turned on despite the fact it’s actually off. Then when I hit the button on the remote nothing happens because HA thinks it’s already on.


This is a bigger problem then I thought as it affect so many of my Ikea lights. I am not even home and now this light suddenly appears as on but with zero brightness.

I don’t understand what is happening or how I can fix this.

Anything logged in ZHA?
(not using ZHA myself, so can’t really help)

How do i find the ZHA logs?

Today my NUC arrived so I have migrated everything over to this from the Raspberry. I use Docker so it was pretty straightforward to set it up again.

I will report back tomorrow if anything weird happens during the night.