Sonoff basiczbr3 - zigbee diy smart switch

New sonoff basic with Zigbee

anyone flashed tasmota on this device yet?

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I doubt if you can flash Tasmota on it. It is a zigbee switch, not a wifi switch. I don’t think there is an esp8266 inside.

Hi All

Can confirm Sonoff Zigbee Basiczbr3 works well with home assistant.

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Just no meshing as of yet.

Cool, glad to see deconz works perfectly with it.

@Klint76, could u tell about light-emitting diode of this relay - it’s same like in sz zigbee relay, and impossible to control his condition?

I’ll look into it Soul


It’s working as zigbee repeater?

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Did you just add it in Phoscon App as a light ?

I tried and it never showed up there. It has shown up in the VNC Map though.

No trace of it in HA in the integration

Any other steps you had to take ?

I’m on HASSIO, Phoscon Version 2.05.69

EDIT: added it with the old web app and now shows up in Phoscon and HA Integration

this has to be solved from deconz people, or sonoff?

Hi folks,

Some questions:

  1. Works as a signal repeater? I assume so!
  2. Works on Europe with Deconz stick?
  3. It does not work as a manual switch. As I understand it will be between the wall switch and the lamp. For correct operation should the wall switch always be on?


1. None of my end devices have routed through it as a router
2. Working on my Conbee 1 in UK
3. Only has live and neutral in and out so needs constant supply, no switch connection

that’s not good, seems then same as Xiaomi switch

Just checked and now there are 2 end devices connected to it, both Xiaomi door sensors

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@Holdestmade any update on reliability of the Xiaomi door sensors routing through the basiczbr3 ?


Not had any issues so far

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does it support zigbee2mqtt

I’ve found RF performance isn’t amazing

Has anyone found a way to make home assistant recognize this it as a switch and not a light?

According to the documentation there is a list somewhere which needs to be updated