Sonoff IFan02 (Tasmota) MQTT Fan

I came up with this device to power up the IFan02 using an external 5v higher current power supply (scroll down till you see the heading “alternate power supply schematic”):

There is no need to push the button. Jumping TP16 to ground is putting GPIO0 to ground which put it into flash mode.

I honestly can’t remember for sure if there is a light that comes on or not. I don’t think so tho.

If I read that right, you going

Power (in my case it would be 2.4a @ 5v) ->buck converter - >3.3v to ifan02

Rx, Tx amd Gnd come from the FTI.

Are you also connecting the ground to the buck converter?

Yes the negative on the 3.3v output from the buck converter and both grounds from the FTDI adapter and the ground pin on J# of the IFan02 are connected together. And I have a jumper wire also connected to the ground pin on the power supply that I use to jumper to TP16 before I power it up. Then once it’s powered up I just release the jumper wire from TP16, plug in the FTDI to the USB port on the computer and flash it.

Here are some pictures of the power supply I made:

In the last picture the right side of the PCB has the power coming in from the 5v PS. On the far left are the wires going to the connector I plug into the IFan02 J3 port onto which I soldered a header. the buck converter is the board in the middle and the FTDI is connected to the header in the bottom middle. The FTDI adapter USB connector isn’t connected to anything outside of the picture yet.

You can also see the yellow wire on the bottom that is connected to ground (-) of the buck power supply that I use to intermittently touch to TP16 while I turn on the 5v input to power everything up.

This is really helpful. Thank you.

I ended up taking a quicker route to flash it which will hopefully help others in the future.

Here are the steps I took and it was done in almost no time at all

1)Soldered header pins to RX, TX and GND

2)Wrapped small wire around GND header pin before putting a female header cable on. That was my easy way to keep it connected to the ground. So basically I had 2 connections on the header pin.

3)Connected the grounded wire to to TP16 with a rubber coated clip (similar to this: instead of gluing or soldering. The grip is tight enough to hold it but not tight enough to do damage. I folded the wire over itself a bit to make a larger surface area, but not too large to hit other contacts.

Once it was all jumped and connected to my FTI, I did a simple Tasmota flashing and was up and running. After that I unplugged it and took off the clip and wire.

do your ifan02 devices beep repeatedly if you lose WiFi?

Has anyone come up with a nice Lovelace interface for this device?

I never did find a YAML one that I liked, and the one custom UI one I saw I couldn’t get to work.
The SetOption19 ON MQTT thing comes up with from what I can tell is non functional switches that just frustrate me.
I’m guessing someone that has the ‘Lovelace Touch’ has something they would want to share. I just converted this week when I had no choice, so I’m a ‘Lovelace noob’.

as a matter of fact…

There’s been mention that this doesn’t work well in 110/120v systems unless you solder a replacement capacitor in.

Has anybody had experience with this?

I see the ifan02 is now listed as ‘retired’ on the itead website. No mention of a replacement though.

My fan won’t turn in low mode, so I can confirm issues with probably a speed cap.
I just coded around it and only have med and high now.

Not sure about all the flash stuff, but I have installed 5 ifan02 controllers. I use eWelink app and have linked it to Google home and Alexa/echo. Low speed fan sucked, so I was able to replace the 2.5uf cap with 5uf I bought on eBay. The cap is the same package and fit in perfectly.

That’s what I was looking for, so the 5uf is what’s supposed to be there? The other cap is ok?

Do you have a link to the cap you bought on ebay?
They also have a listing for 10pcs, but make sure you tell them you need the smaller size.

Yes, it works great leaving the 3uf. The medium speed combines both so you get 5+3 for medium.

Here are some picts. First remove 2.5uF cap. (Marked 3uF on top, but relabled on side as 2.5uF)

thanks for that info.

The ifan02 is discontinued by Sonoff. But looking at the manual of their new remote (RM433). I found a reference to an ifan03. Searching for ifan03 reveals these fcc documents

Looks like a new version is coming soon. I’m guessing around 14 July 2019, because the new remote is also available then according to Banggood

Just received ifan03. Wanted to share some pics. Will be doing research to tasmota it. If anyone needs more pics or anything, let me know.