Sonoff NSPanel Blueprint - Configure your own custom NSPanel easy via a Blueprint

is it possible to get controlls for spotify? like the custom:spotify-card

Hello team, great work!, is there any possibility to create actionable notification? or at lease when i push green button, to capture that?

Is it possible to display camera feeds on this device?

Unfortunately not. Or at least, not yet. :weary:
Please take a look at this: Image display possible · Blackymas/NSPanel_HA_Blueprint · Discussion #1270 · GitHub

I’m not sure how video would play on nspanel anyway, since even now things like changing views doesn’t run smoothly - tapping on icon to change view can take over 1 second to be realized, so i guess esp inside isn’t exactly rocket…

Usually the delays are not related to the ESP32, but mostly to the limited communications protocol between ESP and the Nextion display or even the Wi-Fi network, as depending on your setting quite a big amount of data could be flowing all the time (like when you set a super frequently updated sensor).

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Hello Can maybe somebody help me? I instalet Tasmota to my NSPanel and now i have Problems with last step. MQTT and code. Can somebody help me?A

Or is it possible that i make Alarm panel with this blueprint?? @Blackymas ?

Thanks a lot.

Could you please share more details? Even better if you can add it as a new issue in GitHub as it is much easier to manage cases there: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

With this you can control your Alarm Control Panel entities from your panel. :wink:

Has anyone else had problems with their blueprint saving changes? Quite often when I go into the blueprint to make a change, the device is not selected and all of the settings are blank like they have never been set up. When this happens I have to set everything up again from scratch just to make the small change.

I am running the latest versions and the problems seems to have popped up since I switched to the espdif framework.