Sonoff sockets

Anybody is using sonoff sockets with an Easy ESP firmware? Mind to share your config? Or recommend another firmware?
Tried to set it up like openhab MQTT with the following going to config file with no luck (because of state topica i guess)

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Socket Monitor”
    command_topic: “/Socket-02/gpio/12”
    state_topic: “/Socket-02/Relay/Switch”
    payload_on: “1”
    payload_off: “0”


EasyESP seems very complex for a simple plug and I prefer it lean, especially for plugs that I use on an everyday basis …
Your configuration depends on how it is setup in the firmware. As far as I am concerned, state and command share the same topic (with the same philosophy, I rely on the lightweight mosquitto broker)

- platform: mqtt name: "Myplug3" state_topic: "/myhome/plug3/power" command_topic : "/myhome/plug3/power" payload_on: "on" payload_off: "off" qos: 0 retain: true

I can point out 2 working solutions (working meaning with people using them IRL :slight_smile: )

First one from this very forum (arduino style), with lots of comments

Second I develop (Lua style) and use with ~10 plugs

EasyESP / openHab would certainly work (other people in the forum may bring working configurations), but when it’s not, “going simpler” (especially when there’s so much to do afterwards with TTS, automation and so on … :slight_smile: ) may be an option