Sonoff T1 official firmware + HA

Has anyone ever been able to incorporate Sonoff devices into Home Assistant without having to flash them with custom firmware?

While I’m familiar with MQTT, i would like to use the official firmware/app for remote control, e.g. for when I’m on holiday.

I have 2 x Sonoff T1 heading my way, they are already Alexa compatible, but it would be nice to integrate them in to my HA set up.

If nobody has tried it already, could Wireshark be used to sniff the wifi instruction packets and somehow get HA to reproduce these instructions?

Maybe it is a stupid question but why don’t you use Home Assistant to control it when you are on vacation :wink: ?

Its not a stupid question at all.

I would like to keep the original functionality of devices as I dont fully trust HA just yet, I have had to rebuild it several times now. In addition to this I am only using HA locally.

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Now they work with Google Home and Alexa, I also prefer solutions to use HA AND manufacturer software.

HA is not, yet, reliable enough for me

Thinking the same thing… Make the integration easier for non developer and maintain ability to control using original app. Does we know whether the original firmware protocol already reverse engineer?

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Just posted half a proposal for this issue here:

It would work without the firmware modification, but you would not be able to use the app any more. But as @DanielGalle said, you could control the devices via Home Assistant from remote…

I concur with what @kirkjb and @aneip said. I too would like to integrate my Sonoffs with HA, but have absolutely no desire to change the firmware to do so for a number of reasons. I currently have 8 Sonoffs and they are VERY responsive, more responsive than most of the rest of my home automation tech. Although I am certainly not a programmer, I can’t believe it would be that hard to make these devices work natively with HA. As it is, it took almost no effort to make these Sonoffs work with Alexa. And, in it takes almost no effort (for the end user) to make something like a Wemo work; all you have to do is type “wemo:” in the configuration.yaml file. Couldn’t we (and by “we” I mean not me, but rather some others who know what the heck they are doing) add Sonoff functionality to home assistant/ so that they would be discoverable and controllable with their factory firmware? These Sonoffs are SO affordable that I expect them to be nothing but more common each day. I just bought a six pack of them for $6.00 each, landed. Can’t beat that! One last thing for any of the devs who might read this. You guys are doing great work! Keep it up, please. I have managed to get four of my coworkers to download and install hassio and they are all loving it.

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By the way, if you want to vote in favor of Sonoff support in home assistant/hassio (@kirkjb, @aneip), you can vote here: