Sonoff Zigbee Plus Dongle DSM 6.2 Installation - Where can I get the drivers?

I’m looking for some help here. I went through much of the steps in a helpful video from the @BeardedConti for updating the firmware and then installing this on my DS920+… with a few failures that aren’t the real issue here (tried to do the firmware upgrade on my Synology thinking that it’s Linux so will be fine, that failed, then moved onto trying again on my mac, also failed, then I realised it had to be done via a pi or a windows device, anyway…), I then found a recent video that sounds like it would remove all of that effort of having to update the firmware manually, again in one of @BeardedConti’s videos and I’m dying to go through this but as the site is no longer available, I can’t find the drivers for my DSM version. I can see the DSM 7.x ones that someone has helpfully managed to obtain from the wayback machine here, but I can’t see the ones I need anywhere. Does anyone have or know where I can obtain the DSM 6.2 versions? I know that upgrading from DSM 6.2 to 7.2 could fix this but at the moment, I’m ok with 6.2 and don’t really want to risk upgrading just to add the dongle to my homeassistant setup.

If anyone has the files or a location where I could get them, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Currently best bet is WayBack for web pages. Try looking here:*/
I did browse it at one point for some drivers and could pull them, but not everything was available.
Good luck (PS - I’m also on 6.2 on main machine, but running VM).

Thanks for the suggestion. I’d already tried the wayback machine but no joy when looking at Wayback Machine*. My only route might to upgrade to 7.2 to get something working. I suppose another way could be to stay on 6.2 and maybe run homeassistant in a VM (probably as you sound like you do). I’ll have to do more research.

I do have it in VM and experience is much batter (not to mention easier to maintain) than the Docker one. Both installations are similar, but would recommend VM if you can get that route.

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+1 see → Installation on Synology Virtual Machine Managager

Thanks, @Hedda - I’ll be trying that as soon as I get a chance as I’m dying to test some of the new Zigbee kit I bought during Amazon’s Black Friday week.

For posterity here, I went the VM route and it solved the issue. Thanks @Hedda for the instructions and @BeardedConti for the suggestion!
On another note, I noticed that Synology is ending support for DSM 6.2 in Oct 2024, so @BeardedConti, there may be reason to upgrade to DSM at some point, so I’ll be interested in whether the VM route (which I’m happier with thus far) is the best way forward.

Yes I have read post that Synology official Docker support directly under DSM will be removed sooner or later but not sure if it will be replaced by other container engine, but as a workaround you can always setup a VM and run containers in it instead of running them directly on the Synology DDM OS, (and in fact that is actually what you do when you run Home Assistant OS in a VM). Running containers in a VM will probably make it easier do do backups as well.

This is for crucial security updates - but if your system is not exposed to the world - you can still run it if aware of the risk. I’m considering to move to newer DSM, and will probably do it over holidays (have 14 work days vacation time left).

This link talks about security updates for current version of Docker on Synology. Haven’t seen any word Synology will be removing Docker support anywhere, so far they’ve just renamed in 7.2 to Container manager (from Docker manager).
But with Synology, you never know what they will do next - almost like Google killing it’s own products :slight_smile: