Spa (Hot Tub) Remote Monitoring?

I was just doing some maintenance on my spa (hot tub) and got to thinking…

Does anyone do any remote monitoring in HA? I’m thinking water temperature, maybe PH. I’d prefer something using WiFi or ZHA, since I already use those. I suppose Z-Wave would also work.

At this point I don’t really need to control it. Knowing the PH would be huge, so I don’t have to go check daily. Knowing the temperature would show me it’s working.

Have you searched? There are many pool and spa examples.

Did you ever find a solution. I bought one off Amazon that did not integrate with HA, it died in the first week.

No, the best I’ve done is a Zigbee temperature/humidity sensor in the mechanical area of the spa. Works great. The brand name is CentraLite, which I got on Amazon.

I also bought some waterproof temperature probes and ESPl8266 boards which I’m hoping to use to create a DIY solution, but I haven’t really started that project yet.

Things like PH monitoring seem out of reach right now, given the time and effort required.

Works with esphome

That’s a pretty nice looking package. A bit of sticker shock on the price, but it looks really well made.

Are you saying it works out of the box with the native HA ESPHome integration? Do you need to use the vendor’s cloud, or is there a local control configuration?

Local control if you use esphome.

I am using the Yolink temperature with probe. I use a number of yolink devices with HA - and the integration is built by Yolink - so it’s solid + they even list monitoring hot tub temperature as a use for this device. I use some white waterproof gorilla tape (my spa is white) to hold the wire in place. and hold the sensor about 15-20 cms below the water surface (Near the filter so I know there is water flow in the area). Works like a charm.

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Has anyone found a way to monitor Chlorine levels through HA? I’d really like to be able to have HA check the Cl level without needing to do a water test - and then have HA alert me if it is low. I don’t even care about the other chemicals as the spa doesn’t go critical if they are low/high for a few days - but a few days without Chlorine and you are looking at a cleaning problem for a few days until things get back to normal.

I’ve looked at a number of electronic measurement tools - but they seem to be designed for spot measurements - not continuous monitoring. AliExpress might have some tools here - but my Italian sucks so I really can’t read the detailed specs (and google translate isn’t that good)

From my reading it seems that most pool monitoring uses an ORP sensor and calculates Chlorine from the ORP reading.

The Atlas Scientific stuff (see my previous post) can do continuous monitoring, works with ESPHome, but is expensive. Whether lesser probes can do the job, I don’t know. The Atlas stuff is also available as individual probes if you just want ORP.

By the way, if you don’t want Aliexpress in Italian, set it to your own language. image

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Thanks for this. It seems all the solutions are costly - but I wonder if

really is all I need (like they suggest) - the video sort of looks like there is more to it than just this kit?

And if so - I need to learn how to convert an “ORP” reading into a Chlorine measurement :slight_smile:

I got one of these. Which works reasonably well. Except it leaks or gets condensation in it. Not sure which yet, I just stuck a heap of silicon into the bottom for leak prevention…

Seems fairly accurate. The range via esphome is abit short, although that’s partly because the condensation is getting on the circuit/antenna…

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