Space for Hardware Deals

Hello guys!

Do you think that could be interesting to have a section to share hardware deals?

I’m always looking for deals to increase and update my hardware, but the day is short :slightly_frowning_face:

I thought that maybe other members could like the idea of having something like Hardware/Device Deals, where we can share our findings :grinning:

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There’s an Australian certified hardware topic that gets a lot of traction. You could make a topic for your country. Probably best to make it electrically certified devices only too.

thanks @tom_l I’ll look at that topic :+1:

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And relatedly, I think it would be really useful to have a “wanted to buy/offered for sale” section of the forum, too.

I know I’ve got some stuff I likely won’t use taking up space that i might want to off-load to a willing member.

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