SPDT Momentary On/Off/On Switch for Lamp

I’m looking for a somewhat small inline SPDT momentary switch where the center position is off for use on a wall sconce. I haven’t been able to find anything like this via Google but it could be that I’m not phrasing what I’m looking for properly (or it doesn’t exist).

My use case:

I currently have a wall sconce with a simple inline on/off switch. I have a smart bulb in the sconce so the switch must always remain on or else the smart bulb won’t be powered, rendering the switch useless to me. To fix this annoyance, my initial plan was to install a Shelly 1PM in the base of the wall sconce and configure the relay in smart bulb mode. I would then be able to use the smart features of the bulb but also utilize the physical switch.

Then I thought about taking things a step further by replacing the inline switch with a SPDT momentary switch and using a Shelly Dimmer rather than the Shelly 1PM. In theory, this would allow me to use the momentary switch to turn on/off the bulb by briefly pressing up or down on the switch. It would also allow me to brighten/dim the bulb if the switch is held up or down.

Basically, I’m looking for this Leviton switch in the form factor of a small switch that I could use to replace my current inline switch for my wall sconce.

There’s lots of toggle switches available on Amazon. Search “toggle switch center return” to see if one of those will work.