Spent hours with energy dashboard - how to get monthly costs?

Hi community

I have a room with an AC installed. I track its energy consumption with a Shelly Plus 1 PM. It delivers the following entities:


I want to track solely the monthly energy-costs and thought it would be stetup in 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: I have spent hours of research (forum, Chat GPT) and learned the following:

  • the energy dashboard cant track the consumption of individual devices
  • there is a feature request for individual consumption
  • I can use a template-sensor which multiplies energy with cost

as for now I use the method posted here: Create entity with daily- and monthly cost - #3 by zid

It works so far but not on a monthly basis. I have created a utility meter which tracks the template sensor and should reset monthly.

template-sensor: (CHF is Swiss Francs currency, a kwh costs 0.24 CHF)

however the utility meter entity outputs a value of 0.03 and is collecting data since almost a day. the last valid state is 0.26 which is the same as the template-sensor.

question: Is it normal that the data collection of the utility meter takes several days? would recommend another approach to achieve the goal of collecting the monthly energy costs?

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Have you had a look at the Powercalc integration from HACS?

hi there, actually yes. basically a great tool, I think in my usecase it wont help much because i dont want to estimate the power consumption of many entities nor groups. AFAIK it cant be used to calculate the costs in relation to the energy used.

Have a look at this posting and also the follow ups where simplifications are suggested. No need for HACS components to do what you want

I stopped doing energy stuff recently because it was becoming compulsive (gotta have smartplug in every socket… :roll_eyes:) and not telling me much that wasn’t common sense. However, I remember that Powercalc had a global setting enable_autodiscovery: false which made it ignore everything that wasn’t specifically set up in yaml.

But anyway, I had templates to calculate costs for individual devices and although you can’t put them in the official energy dashboard, you can create your own dashboard using cards from it, with other graphs to illustrate costs: