Sports Scores

I don’t know what it all takes to do but to be able to get sports scores in HA would be awesome!

What sports scores?

From where?

I think a core integration is probably unlikely as a lot of these API’s aren’t public and/or charge for access. Here’s a couple of options though.

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Thanks for your response. I’m newer to HA but I can see how not having one place for all sports to get them from would be a pain to develop. I was mainly interested in NBA but I’ll checkout Goalfeed for MLB. Thanks for your time.

The MagicMirror project has a great Scoreboard -
Would be nice if HA had something similar!


this NFL one is my favorite. I want someone (I’m willing to help as well, but am really a novice coder) to help build these out more for other sports (NHL, MLB, NBA, Soccer, etc)

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This looks very promising. I don’t know the first step to make this HA friendly but it appears as though the groundwork is there. Someone should be able to do this right?

One would think!