Spotify can't open secure connection

Spotify fails to open a secure connection when trying to link my account. I got all the way past the allow button to allow spotify to connect to my account then the browser window doesn’t load and I get a failed to open secure connection page.

I will say that as a temporary setup I simply port forwarded 8123 and used my public IP in the Redirect URIs. I did use https in my spotify app and in the configuration.yaml file. Not sure what’s going on.

I have the a similar problem :frowning:
Ive tried everything in this thread

no luck

EDIT sorry…i stuffed up now i feel like a idiot !

So my issue was with the component, I left the < and > from the home assistant website for my client number and secret

working now…

Lerroy I know the reason for what you are saying. You need to configure your configuration.yaml file under the HTTP section so it reflects the same redirect. Let me know if you need further help doing that.