Spotify: Connecting HA to Android Tablet

Hey all, very new to Home Assistant here. I’ve got myself set up on an RPi using hassio, but I’m posting in Configuration as my issue doesn’t seem Please let me know if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

So far I’ve been able to set up Spotify using this info to get the Spotify card on my dash linked up to the Spotify client on my PC. The card displays the art and info, playback controls work, and everything updates pretty quickly following a client-side change.

What I’d prefer to do though, is connect HA to the Spotify client running on an Android tablet instead. Much easier to hook up to speakers. However when I check the sources in HA, only my PC client is listed. I can connect the Spotify clients on the Android and PC no problems, so the Android seems generally connectable.

I figured I might need to add an alias in configuration.yaml for the Android client, but I can’t work out how to find the device ID. There seemed to be some good info in this post about enabling Spotify logging to check the device IDs, but the suggested lines cause my config to error.

So at this point I’m kinda stuck, any help would be appreciated!

The issue was YAML spacing, changed it to look like this and it’s all working now.